In the far future, after a terrible war. The land of Valhurst, came to life. Everyday would be like the last, until Abbie decides she wants to do things her own way. But not by decision, in her State, they are kind and helpful, but, she knows that's not her. She knows she's stubborn and good at fighting. So, will she get the appeal to go to the adventurous state? Or will she be forced to stay where she is? Will she take no for an answer?


5. Chapter 4- Valiant

I instantly stood up and hugged her, I didn't care if it was improper, she just gave me the biggest chance of being in Valiant. I couldn't believe it! I ignored my mum and dad and waited for Jennifer to drive me to Valiant. I was bouncing up and down next to her car.

She walked out of my house,

"What are you waiting for, go on." She insisted,

"But, I don't know-" I started to say, she looked confused.

"Oh, Abbie, if you want to be in Valiant, then your going to have to make your own way there." She explained, I shook my head, one moment she raises my hopes, then tells me I have to find my own way. Which is actually impossible.

"But, that's impossible." Now I was the one to state the obvious. She smirked at me, she must have had it in for me from the beginning. I knew this was all lie.

"If your Valiant, then you'll believe that nothing is impossible, or you can achieve the impossible. Either way, you have to get there or, hello outside world!" She told me, gesturing a wave with her hand. I looked around me to see which way to go. This might sound crazy but I seriously wanted to see if this was impossible, I doubt it was, but if this was part of my test, I had to do it, other wise, bye Valiant!

Three hours later and I come into an open field, with a slight ticking noise, nothing for for miles off. I tried to track down the ticking noise but it seemed to be under the ground, which I couldn't be bothered to look for since I had to get to Valiant. I turned around from looking at the trees swaying in the chilly breeze. To find a boy, a young boy should I add. Carrying a bag full of rocks.

"Are you looking for Valiant?" He asked, I was astonished,

"Yes, how did you know?"

"You don't much about Valiant do you?" I shook my head, I had no ideas what this boy was talking about. What should I know about Valiant, that I should? He took my hand and scanned the floor,

"Do you hear that clicking noise?" He asked simply,

"Yeah, I was looking-" I started to say as he dropped his bag of rocks and a turntable in the floor turned slowly beneath. I jumped off quickly.

"What are you doing?!" He yelled "get back on!" He screamed, I hopped back on, I would rather go down here, not know what to do, then being up here not knowing what to do. The young boy smirked and we dropped down a chute. It kept flashing with a bright light which blinded me. I looked down at the hard to see floor, my heart thumping out of my chest and I swear I saw a trampoline. I had never been on one, but I've seen them on tv before. I heard shouting as we got closer to the trampoline. The boy hit it first, but only ever so slightly. I collapsed, I didn't know what to do so my legs just gave way. The boy bounce a couple of times before jumping off himself. But me, no, I just laid there, wondering what just happened.

"She's, here?! Fine!" I heard a man shout from down the hall, I quickly tried to get off the trampoline but I ended up looking stupid, sliding around. When a overly muscular man walked down the dark hallway, covered in tattoos, he looked at me with disappointment.

"Hurry up, you need to register as a Visitor." He told me, Visitors don't really belong anywhere, it's another way of saying, edge of being homeless. I sighed, he gave me hand and got me off the trampoline.

"I'm Jay, that's what you will call me through your training. You will be working with three other Visitors, none from your State. You will do everything and anything I tell you to. Yes?" He announced as we walked into a light room, filled with weights. I nodded and looked around. This was not exactly what I expected Valiant to be. I was expecting guns and weapons and stuff like that, not that. He walked me up to a weighing machine.

"Hop on." Jay demanded, my eyes widened, I'd only just got here, he's already weighing me?! I jumped on, and the scale went up to 58lbs. He looked at me and grabbed a tape measure from the back of the white door next to him. I felt the need to breath in but he put the tape measure around me before I could.

"You are very small for your age. You need to go up to 62lbs, before next week. While your doing training." He explained, I looked down at myself, I didn't think I was that small. Jay pressed a button on the wall which made a deafening screech. Three other Visitors walked into the room, laughing, about God knows what.

"Everyone, this is Abbie. Now get to your weights." I looked around at the weights in front of me, the muscular out of the boys went for the heaviest looking weight out if all of them. The other one, walked over to the middle looking one and had a hard time with that. Jay walked out the room but you could be sure that he was still watching us from a security camera. A blonde girl with dark blue eyes came over to me,

"Just got here, huh?" I nodded, she obviously knew about me, they were expecting me to come. I nodded at her question. She pointed towards the weights,

"So are you good at these?" I strutted up to the second heaviest one and conquered it with ease. She looked stunned.

"Where did you come from?!" She screamed as she rushed over to me and sat next to. The boys were concentrating on lifting.

"Defenceless. Where did you come from?" I questioned as I traced the outline if the weight.

"Intelligent, I didn't think I belonged there, so I asked to move, he to me to walk!" She exclaimed, this girl didn't know how to talk normally. Everything she's said, she shouted. I'm sure I could get used to it though. The muscular boy bounced over to me and messed up his gorgeous jet black hair.

"Hey, are you ready for the challenge in five minutes?"

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