In the far future, after a terrible war. The land of Valhurst, came to life. Everyday would be like the last, until Abbie decides she wants to do things her own way. But not by decision, in her State, they are kind and helpful, but, she knows that's not her. She knows she's stubborn and good at fighting. So, will she get the appeal to go to the adventurous state? Or will she be forced to stay where she is? Will she take no for an answer?


3. Chapter 2- Misbehaviour

I stared at him in disbelief. I would be homeless? Where would I go? And why on earth would my parents kick me out of my own home? The one I was born in, the one I grew up in, the one that he's giving me this lecture in now?

"Abbie, the council is coming tommorrow, to talk to you. If you can't convince them that you can change, you'll be forced to live out side the country. Into the big wide world on you own." My mum explained, I nodded along, like I knew what I was going to do. My parents obviously thought I couldn't handle the dangerous world on my own, but the truth was, I could. But my life goal, is to be in Valiant. If I move somewhere else, that means that I'll be even further away from that dream than I all ready am.

"You need to convince them." My mum like stating the obvious, it's not like everyone in the room was thinking that.

Everyone in the town wanted me to leave, but I had to convince the council that I had to stay, that I could make the community better. But it would be a easy task, for me. But the council are the most hard-to-impress, people in the world. I had no idea what to say. How am I going to figure out the perfect speech in less than 24h?

I woke up in the morning feeling tired, I couldn't sleep last night, for obvious reasons. There was a pile if scrunched up bit of paper, scattered by the bin. All covered with ideas. But all of them. Fails. I was normally good at this kind of thing, but now I've just lost my train of thought for no apparent reason. I sat up when I saw my mums head peer round the door.

"Darling, it's ten thirty." She stated,


"Their going to be here at eleven." My eyes widened at that sentence. I ripped my blanket off me and quickly got changed into my smartest clothes.

I let my dirty blonde hair flow naturally past my shoulders and I quickly smiled in the mirror before I heard my mum call me into the front room. I sighed softly to myself, before opening my bedroom door to reveal the council and my parents. Their was two men in black suites and a woman in white. Her hair was bleach blonde and a I knew about her, was that she was the most powerful person in Defenceless.

"Good morning, take a seat." The woman greeted, she told me to take a seat. In my own home? I did as she said, even though I totally disagreed with it. If it was any one else, I would stay standing. But with her, no, I didn't even know this woman's name and she's already giving me orders.

"I think you know why we're here." She examined, her bleach blonde hair reflected the sun in my eyes so I had to squint. I nodded, of corse I knew why she was here, why else would she be here. Her name quickly came into my mind, Jennifer Secrets, a perfectly perfect name. But she defiantly belongs in Defenceless, my sisters could beat her in a fight. Actually, I think a plant could beat her. She wrote something down on her clipboard and secretly showed the two muscular men behind her, they both nodded and shrugged at the same time. I sat there waiting for what she wanted to say.

"Abbie, I'm aware that you want to be in Valiant." She spoke. "So, I think that this proposal is fair." My eyes widened, what was she gonna say? "Abbie, I'm going to give you three days, to prove you have good behaviour, then, I might just let you into Valiant, after another week of careful studying of your actions." My eyes widened even more and it felt like my eyes were going to pop out of my head.

"And what if she doesn't agree to this 'proposal'." My dad asked, I turned around and I saw my mums face in her palms. They didn't want me to leave, they knew I was capable of doing this. Because it's for Valiant.

"Then, I hope she's packed, 'cause she'll be leaving now."

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