Number 4785

Number 4785...

Life behind bars isn't an excuse to stop loving.


2. II


'Come on, baby. Do it for me? I love you, after you're done with this shit, we'll go on a holiday to.... Australia, and I'll marry you. I'll buy you a nice house and we can have kids and a beautiful family. Just do this for me?'.

I wanted to, I really wanted to. I loved Jason so much, probably more than I have ever loved myself. But doing this, was to dangerous. What if they caught me? What if those guys try to hurt me? Jason wouldn't be there to help me.

'Jason, I don't know. I'm scared.. What.. What if something happens? What if I do something wrong?' Jason kissed my neck, slowly, thousands of kisses. That was my weak spot, he knew. He knew he could convince me. He always would. He was the winner, always.

'Baby, please?' I rolled my eyes, and made the most stupid and selfless decision ever.

'Okay.. But promise me that it'll be alright.' I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer to me.

'That's my girl, I love you so much. You'll be alright.'

Yeah, sure.

'You'll leave this morning. I already packed your bags and everything you need. The only thing you need to so is smuggle the fucking drugs into Mexico, and I'll wait for you. When you arrive, one of my guys, Pedro will wait for you. You hand him the drugs, and take the next flight to Spain back.' I smiled at the thought that this would be the final job I had to do. I had smuggled drugs before, just not abroad.

'Wait, what about my mom? And my dad? And my family?' I started to worry, what would they think? Sure, they loved Jason, he was charming, and very very convincing. He would have easily convinced my mom, and my dad was on a business trip.

'I already took care of that. Your family thinks you are staying with me for a trip to London, to my hometown. You know, family and stuff'

I nodded, and snuggled my head into the crook of his neck.

'Wait here, I'll be right back.' Jason winked, and left the room. I laid down on the huge bed Jason had bought for us, waiting for his return. When he came back, he had a little box in his hand, and a bar of chocolate in the other. I smiled at him, taking the chocolate bar from him, not even bothering to take a look at the other box.

'Linda is bleaching your hair tonight. Then she will dye it blond. You'll get a makeover and my buddy Evan will make a fake passport for you.'

I just nodded, I didn't want to argue with Jason about my hair. He was the one and only reason I was still alive. He saved me from an overdose when I was 15, but he did gave me some soft drugs a year later. We never used hard drugs, only smoked a joint now and then.




I just want you guys to get to know Jason and Tris, oh, and you guys may want to know that Tris is from Spain, Jason from London, Tris her father is from America and her mom from Spain so she isn't a white girl, which I love. I think to much fanfics are only about white girls, and I wanted to make a different type of story so yeh.


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