Number 4785

Number 4785...

Life behind bars isn't an excuse to stop loving.


1. I

Screaming women...

Crying, scared girls...

Yelling guards...

'Kill me' written on the cold walls. Probably with blood.

When they throw you in the shoo, you get desperate. You want to die. There is nobody you can talk to. It's cold, it's old, it smells and it's scary.

Sounds like a place you wanna stay far away from. It's not that easy. They put you in the shoo whenever they want, just to scare the crap out of you. I did nothing to upset them. Okay, actually, I did.. But it was nothing serious! Love is something you can't control. Right?

Let me explain this in full detail to you, since I don't know when or whenever they'll take me out of here.


Hi my beautiful friends, this isn't really a huge chapter, but I'm really fucking excited in making this book work, I have very big plans for the story and I'm so thrilled that there is an uppity opportunity that you guys are actually going to read this.

I'm not from the USA, I'm from the Netherlands, but I'm planning on moving to the USA when I'm 18+ :)

Also, I'm doing auditions for parts in the story, like, some inmates, their story's and stuff !

So comment your name, age (18 or older bc this is in prison and there aren't 14 year old girls running around there ;) it doesn't matter if you are 12, or 19, okay?

So, (full) name, age (18+), interest, crime(s), and anything you'd like. You can all make this up :)

Love, Robin

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