The Wolf King

The Wolf King hides away, gathering his people. He has a funny secret, and not the hilarious kind, one where he prefers to tell no one. If he tells you, he will make you one of his own. Forever.

**Cover done by C.H. Potter**


1. Stand Proud

        The Wolf King stood, hands on knees, panting, as he tried to breathe in scratchy breath after scratchy breath into his welcoming lungs. His heart pounded in his ears, his mouth, every available pore on his sweating body. This change, this time around, was not as easy as it had been the other times-it was close, too close, and the King had nearly exposed himself to the normal, everyday humans. His Vixen Queen would have liked that, her being sly and as-shall others say, open as a cracked walnut shell about her identity. Maybe that was why The Wolf King loved her. Maybe that was why she loved him, because he was quite the opposite. Maybe. Every single new member that he brought was either too weak, too head strong, too mangy, and oh! That one looked at her funny whilst eating. She had foxes, and vixens. He had wolves, alphas and omegas. Sirens, pounding footsteps, were close now. So close the Wolf King could smell the humans anger, fear, sweat, hate, worry. 

      He took off running.

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