Hott Baguettes

Pierre got problems in school like any other. But one reason is that he is gay. When he met David his life starts to turn to something better. But one mistakes changes everything...


2. Chapter Two

It was Monday morning and Pierre was in the front of the school on the steps with Chuck, Seb, and Jeff. He was thrilled when his friends still accepted him.


He smiled as he looked at his friends making faces at one another. Jeff’s piercing glistened..


The thought of piercings made his mind wander to David, for the hundredth time. He was so mysterious. Had he put the note in his locker? It’s possible. But then again, David just moved here, how could he possibly already know Pierre? And even if he did put that note in his locker, David wasn’t gay. So he probably meant for it to come off as a girl’s note. But David was so cute and-


“PIERRE.” Seb was waving a hand in front of Pierre’s face.


“Huh, what?” He said lazily.


“Dude, we’ve been talking to you for five minutes! What’s up with you?” Jeff questioned.


Pierre was about to speak when Chuck interrupted him. “Yeah, you’ve been acting distant all weekend. Is something wrong?”


Pierre smiled inwardly at his friends’ concern. “Nothing’s wrong.”


His friends eyed him suspiciously, and Seb opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off by the sound of someone or something hittin the pavement…hard.


They all turned their gaze to the bottom of the steps where David was sprawled out on the concrete with Rob towering above him. “Who the fuck do you think you are?! Hitting on MY girlfriend!” Rob socked him in the face.


Pierre didn’t think. He charged down the steps without warning and shoved Rob as hard as he could.


“What the hell, gay boy?!” He screamed. As he was about to push Pierre back, he paused, noticing that Chuck, Jeff, and Seb had joined Pierre.


“Leave him alone.” Jeff warned. Since he was a year older than Rob, it sounded dangerous.


Rob eyed all of them, debating whether or not it was worth it before saying, “Whatever. You’re all a bunch of fags anyway!” He kicked David hard in the ribs as he walked away.


Pierre started after him again but Chuck held him back. “Let it go.” Pierre stopped fighting, and Chuck released him.


Pierre bent down to David and patted him on the back. The contact made Pierre tingle. “You okay, David?”


Chuck, Jeff, and Seb exchanged confused looks as David sat up. “Uh, yeah. Thanks…guys.”


“No problem, man. Need a hand?” Jeff offered and David accepted. Pierre didn’t know why but he felt a pang of jealousy when he saw Jeff and David make contact. He brushed it off and stood up himself.


After a few seconds of awkward silence, Pierre cleared his throat and said, “David Desrosiers, this is Chuck Comeau, Sebastien Lefebvre, and Jeff Stinco.”


David and the guys exchanged nods and mini waves. David was about to turn away when Pierre blurted out, “Do you have any friends?”


Jeff snickered and David looked appalled. “Yeah.” David said sharply.


“Who?” Pierre questioned, tilting his head. When David looked down at his shoes, Seb stepped in for Pierre and said “Wanna eat lunch with us?”


“Sure.” David said smiling. “Uhm…could you guys tell me where room 402 is?” David said, blushing.


“Didn’t you find it yesterday?” Chuck said.


“No…I uh, couldn’t find it, so I ditched.” David said rather awkwardly.


Pierre piped up, “DITCH!” In an excited voice.


David looked confused, but the other boys shook their heads.


“Come on, it’ll be fun!”


“No way, man. I need to keep my grades up.” Chuck said. Typical Chuck.


Pierre looked at Seb and Jeff who simply replied with, “I can’t, I got a test in second period.” And, “My dad would kill me if I ditched again.”


“Fine, losers.” Pierre said as he playfully shoved Seb.


“David? You game?” Pierre smiled at the thought of him and David being alone all day.


David bit his bottom lip before replying, “Yeah, sure.”


Pierre smiled and waved to the guys as he and David walked awkwardly in the direction of the skate park.


They walked in silence for a few minutes, Pierre wondering why it felt so right when David was inches away from him on the sidewalk.


“What bands do you like?” Pierre asked.


David’s shyness seemed to melt away. “I like The Offspring, Lethal Weapon, Blink 182, Sum 41, The Beatles…and you?”


Pierre’s eyes widened in shock. “Those bands fuckin’ rock!”


David nodded his head enthusiastically, and the two continued to talk about The Offspring’s newest album Ignition.


“A SKATE PARK!” David screeched so loudly and unexpectedly that Pierre jumped. He has pegged David as a silent type. Boy, was he wrong.


David sprinted full speed to the ramp and Pierre decided ‘what the hell’ and ran too. When he reached there, David was bouncing up and down and squealing like a girl. “I wish I had my board! This ramp is sick!” He exclaimed.


“Wanna use mine? It’s over there behind that tree. I always keep it there because my mom bugs me about it when it’s at my house; she thinks it’s a waste of time.” Pierre mentally slapped himself for just telling David something utterly pointless. David just smiled and did something unexpected; he hugged Pierre tightly before running towards the tree.


Pierre stood there shocked at how that had made him feel. “Don’t be stupid, Pierre. He’s not gay.” He said to himself as David started back over towards him, wearing a gorgeous grin.




Two hours later, Pierre and David were sitting on the edge of the ramp all scraped up from attempting stupid stunts. Pierre had accidently crashed into David, and now David kept complaining about his ankle hurting.


“Do you have a sister?” David asked suddenly.


Pierre just turned towards his new friend and shook his head. “I’ve got two older brothers. Jonathan and Jay. You?”


David’s eyes lit up. “Yeah!”


Pierre just smirked at him. “So…why was Rob giving you a hard time earlier?” Pierre questioned slowly.


David’s happy grin vanished and he sighed before saying, “He thinks I was flirting with his girlfriend.”


“…Were you?”


“Nah, man. She’s not my type.” David said, getting a troubled look in his eye. Pierre wanted to question further but thought better of it.


“Wanna go home?” Pierre asked.


“Sure.” As soon as Pierre stood up, David hopped on his back which caused Pierre to stagger a bit.


“What’re you doing?!” Pierre said, confused.


“You’re giving me a piggy back ride.” David said as if Pierre had given him one a thousand times before. Pierre didn’t question this, just simply grabbed onto David’s legs and started walking.


“Where do you live?”


David pointed about eight blocks down. “Cool, me too!” Pierre said. He cursed himself for sounding so excited, but luckily David didn’t say anything.


All the way there, David and Pierre talked about school, friends, and music. Mostly music.


“Do you play an instrument?” Pierre asked, panting from carrying the boy seven blocks already.


“Bass!” David yelled proudly.


“Really? Sweet. I play bass in a band. What brand is yours?”


David yanked on Pierre’s hair, making Pierre stop and cry out. “YOU PLAY IN A BAND?! WHAT BAND!?” David yelled, lightly drumming on Pierre’s back.


“Simple Plan. Why in the hell did you just pull my hair?” Pierre asked in mock annoyance.


“Sorry…” David said sheepishly in a low voice that made Pierre melt.


Pierre shook his head. He wasn’t going to get feelings for David. He’ll just be his friend. Maybe even his best friend.


“There’s my house!” David said, attempting to jump off of Pierre’s back, but his foot getting stuck of Pierre’s arm, which sent them both tumbling to the ground, with David landing on top of Pierre.


David lingered there for a moment staring into Pierre’s eyes before he jumped up, “I’m s-” he said before he fell to the ground again, this time next to Pierre.


“You alright, man?” Pierre asked, sitting up, hoping the blush in his cheeks wasn’t too noticable.


“Shit. Yeah, I just forgot about my ankle.” David said as he massaged his ankle.


“Need help getting inside?” Pierre questioned, still red as a tomatoe.


“I think I’ve got it. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye, Pierre.” David said as he limped up the porch steps.


“See ya.” Pierre walked down the street to his house.



David entered his house and quietly closed the door, hoping no one was home. He started towards the stairs before he heard his dad’s thundering voice. “What was that?!”


David cringed. “What was what?”


“Look at me, BOY.” His dad said.


David turned around to face his father, who reeked of alcohol and pot.


“Were you juss skippin school with THAT boy?” His dad’s words were slurred and he was unable to keep his balance.


“Pierre? What’s wrong with him?”


Wrong question. David got smacked across the face.


“Those…people…his family…they think they’re better than us because they have a fancy house. He’s a rich bastard!”


“Okay…” David said not sure of what to say.


“Don’t speak to him again. GOT IT?” His dad was inches from his face and his breath was almost too much to handle.


David simply nodded and limped upstairs, where he collapsed on his bed. He sighed because he knew he couldn’t keep away from Pierre. There was something special about him that made him stand out.


David sighed and put in headphones, where he cranked up “Elders” by The Offspring and closed his eyes.




He smirked as he remembered how David had fallen on top of him…but quickly shook his head. He already didn’t like these feelings…but it was a temporary crush. He’d get over it. Right?


His mind raced as he entered his house and walked up to his room to play video games.


About half an hour later, he decided to go to bed, even though it wasn’t even 2:00 yet.


His eyes became heavy as he drifted off to sleep, a certain blonde haired boy on his mind.

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