Hott Baguettes

Pierre got problems in school like any other. But one reason is that he is gay. When he met David his life starts to turn to something better. But one mistakes changes everything...


21. Chapter Twenty-One

David was sitting on the counter of his kitchen, swinging his legs back and forth, eating a banana. After everyone had woken up that Sunday morning, they had all went their separate ways. David had noticed that Pierre, Seb, and Chuck were acting strange, but he dismissed it.


Now, it was three o’clock on Tuesday and David was waiting for Chuck and Seb to come over. While he waited, he decided to turn on some music. Since his dad hadn’t been home in about three months, he had grown accustomed to being by himself. He didn’t know where his dad was, but he was just grateful that Mary-Kate had offered to pay the bills, even though she didn’t live there.


David pressed the ‘ON’ button on the stereo that was now hooked up in his kitchen; the room filling with ‘Beheaded’ by The Offspring. He began dancing around the kitchen, taking bites of his banana every now and then. He was just extremely happy with how his life was going at the moment. Pierre was his boyfriend, his dad hadn’t been home in forever, things with the band were good, he met his idols three nights ago, and school would be over in about three months. So far, this school year has been the best!


The doorbell rang, bringing David back to reality. He turned off the stereo, shoved the rest of his banana into his mouth, and walked to the front door. He opened it to two very somber-looking boys.


“What’s wrong? Is Pierre okay?” David asked, suddenly worried.


“No, no, Pierre is fine, Dave.” Seb smiled at him.


David exhaled. “Good. What’s wrong then? You two look like someone died.”


“Listen, can we come in?” Chuck asked, stepping forward.


“Oh, yeah. Sorry.” David giggled and stepped aside. He couldn’t help but notice Seb grinned and blushed at him when he giggled. Hmmm…


Chuck led the way to the living room, where he paced about while David sat on the couch and Seb sat in the recliner to the right of the couch.


David watched Chuck pace for a few minutes, anxiously waiting to hear what his friends had to say. He looked over at Seb, to see him staring at him. Seb quickly adverted his gaze and blushed.


Chuck sighed, making David refocus his attention on him. “David…”


“What?” David asked, looking between Chuck and Seb.


“We have something to tell you, and it’s going to be really hard to hear, okay?” Seb said, smiling sadly.


“You guys are freaking me out…”


“Y’know that party we went to on Saturday?” Chuck asked.


David rolled his eyes. “Of course I do!” Like he could ever forget Travis Barker’s party


“Well, when was the last time you saw Pierre there?” Seb asked cautiously.


“I think it was…oh, yeah! When Tom came over, and then Mark and me went to get alcohol. Why?” David asked, unable to sit still.


“Well, the next morning, I was looking for everybody. And…I went upstairs…Pierre and, uh…”


“Pierre and Tom had sex, David. I’m sorry.” Seb cut Chuck off.


David sat there, stunned. His eyes seemed so far away. Slowly, his eyes filled with tears and they started to roll down his soft cheeks. It broke Seb’s heart.


“N-no. You’re lying…he would n-never do that.” David whispered, shaking.


Chuck and Seb exchanged sad looks before Chuck spoke. “David, I’m really sorry, but it happened. I saw it with my own two eyes.”


David shook his head furiously. “What exactly did you see, Chuck?” He demanded.


“I saw Pierre and Tom sleeping side-by-side, naked.” He said softly.


“Well, maybe it wasn’t what it looked like!” David choked out the words.


“David…there was a tube of lube right next to them.”


David shook his head and began shouting. “No! No! No! He wouldn’t do that to me! Tom isn’t even gay! You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about!” He stood up and tried to make his way to the front door, but Seb and Chuck blocked him.


“David, I’m sorry, but he knows what he’s talking about.” Seb spoke softly, desperately wanting to take David’s pain away, but wanting him to know the truth as well.


“No he doesn’t! He’s lying!” He sobbed hysterically. He pushed past them and ran out the front door shouting, “Piss off!” behind him.


He made his way down the street, glad that they knew better than to follow him. He was still sobbing hysterically, earning him a few puzzled looks of pedestrians. He knew exactly where he was going, because he desperately needed one person to tell him that Chuck and Seb were wrong. They were wrong. They had to be.

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