Hott Baguettes

Pierre got problems in school like any other. But one reason is that he is gay. When he met David his life starts to turn to something better. But one mistakes changes everything...


12. Chapter Twelve

Pierre faintly heard the sounds of beeping and people’s voices. He struggled for a moment before he realized one of the voices was David’s.


Wanting to see him, he snapped his eyes open, but they became blurry so he closed them. He slowly opened his eyes, letting everything come into focus around him. Across the room, he saw David and the guys talking, and they all looked as if they’d been crying.


Pierre felt a stab of guilt for what he had done.


In that instant, David looked up, and when he met Pierre’s eyes, his brightened instantly. “Pierre!” He screamed as he ran to Pierre’s side with the other’s following.


David attacked Pierre with a hug and the guys did too.


“Pierre! We fuckin’ missed you!” Seb said, patting him on the shoulder.


Pierre smiled and said in a weak voice, “W-what day is it?”


“Tuesday.” Chuck said.


“Tuesday?” Pierre blinked a couple of times.


“Yeah, you were out for a while, baby.” David said stroking Pierre’s hand.


Pierre looked around the faces of his six friends and let a few tears roll down his face as he said, “I’m sorry.”


They all looked at him with sad eyes and Jeff said, “It’s okay, man.”


There was a knock at the door and a tall grey-haired man entered. “Ah! He’s awake! How long has he been consious?”


“A couple of minutes.” Seb said.


“Alright. I need to talk to Mr Bouvier. Would you like your friends in the room?” He asked Pierre.


Pierre nodded.


“You took 18 pills, correct?”


Pierre looked down and nodded.


“Look here.” The doctor checked his blood pressure and vitals.


“Pierre, how long have you been feeling suicidal?”


Pierre looked down at his hospital gown and whispered, “I dunno…a while, I guess.”


All of his friends’ heads snapped to him at the confession.


“Mmhmm…and what have you been doing to relieve yourself of this pain? Any drug use at all?”


Pierre shook his head.


“Self harm.” David said in a low voice.


“Excuse me?” The doctor said.


“He’s been, uhm…self harming.”


“What?” Seb said as him, Chuck, Pat, and Jeff looked at Pierre. “You promised that you’d stop.”


Pierre buried his face in his hands. “i’m sorry! It’s not that easy, Seb!”


“What form of self harm?”


“Cutting.” David choked out.


“And his eating habits? Do they seem normal?”


“Sometimes he’ll skip a meal. But he eats pretty regularly.” Chuck said.


“Mmhmm…I think that he might need to go to the pyschiatric hospital.”


“What?!” All six boys shouted at the same time.


“Hold on, calm down. Since he is under 18, it is entirely up to his parents. But, regardless, he needs to be on anti-depressants.”


All boys looked at him like he was crazy. “They can’t do that!” Pat said.


“They can. I’m going to go talk to them about it. It’s entirely up to them. But I will be prescribing Pierre one tablet of Prozac a day, okay?”


Pierre just nodded as he left.


“They can’t take me and lock me up.” Pierre choked out.


“Don’t worry, man. We’ll talk ‘em outta it.” Pat said.


“I’m really sorry, you guys.” Pierre whispered.


David leaned in and captured Pierre’s lips in a tender kiss.


“It’s okay.” David said.


“But don’t ever fuckin’ do it again.” Chuck said.


“You aren’t leaving yet.” Seb said.


Pierre smiled at his friends.


Maybe everything would be alright afterall.

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