Hott Baguettes

Pierre got problems in school like any other. But one reason is that he is gay. When he met David his life starts to turn to something better. But one mistakes changes everything...


3. Chapter Three

The next day, on Pierre’s way to school, he noticed David walking about one hundred feet in front of him. His mood instantly brightened as he yelled, “David! Wait up!”


As Pierre ran up to him, David turned around. At first, he looked cold, hurt, and had a big bruise on his face. But, seeing Pierre get closer, he glowed. “Hey, Pierre.”


Pierre stopped walking towards his am raised his eyebrows. “What happened?”


“With what?” David asked, confused.


“With THAT.” Pierre pointed a long finger at the bruise on David’s face. David merely shrugged.


Pierre started walking down a side street instead of heading to the school, which earned a quizzical look from David. “Are you ditching again?”


“No, I gotta get Seb.” Pierre called over his shoulder as he walked about three houses down and knocked on the door.


Seb opened the door holding his backpack and walked out slamming the door. Pierre walked along side him. “What happened?”


Seb exhaled and shook his head. “My mom is being a bitch,” he said as he waved to David.


“How?” David asked.


“She won’t let me in the basement with Katie anymore.” Seb sounded really annoyed. Katie was his girlfriend.


“Why not?” David asked, as if that was the most ridiculous statement ever.


Pierre and Seb chuckled and changed the subject to the homework they didn’t do as they made their way to the school.


They were in the middle of talking abouts amps when David let out, “OHHH!” And slapped his forehead.


Pierre and Seb looked at him expectantly, Pierre smiled a little at how adorable David was.


“You guys had SEX in the basement!” David shouted, causing Seb to blush because they were close enough to school that people had turned their heads.


Pierre just chuckled when David himself blushed and said, “Sorry..”


On the steps of the school, Chuck and Jeff were already waiting. Chuck was scrawling in a beat up notebook, and Jeff was leaned back staring into space.


“Hey, Chuck. Can you give me the answers to-” Seb was cut off by the bell. “Shit.”


Pierre smirked and all five of the friends made their way into the school, all parting different ways to their lockers. Pierre was slightly disappointed to learn that Seb and David’s lockers were right next to each other.




The lunch bell rang, and David sprung up from his desk, excited to finally be able to move. He practically sprinted down the stairs, but face planted at the bottom. He flushed and continued down the hall to his locker where he opened it and dropped his math book inside and saw Seb already walkinh down the stairs to the courtyard.


David smiled evilly and ran to the edge of the stairs and jumped onto Seb’s back. Seb reacted the same way Pierre had, staggered and mumbled when he realized it was David.


David smiled brightly as Seb gave him a piggy back ride to the courtyard, where Pierre and Jeff were sitting under a tree.


Pierre looked up, his smile fading when he saw that David was on Seb’s back. He looked slightly irritated. David smirked at Pierre, noticing how cute Pierre was when…wait CUTE? No, no, he meant cool. Yeah, cool. David was not gay.


Seb suddenly fell forward, him and David falling on the ground in a heap. Rob Tillman was laughing above them. “Are you two an item now? You guys catch the homo from gay-boy?”


David filled with fury as he insulted his two friends. He pushed forward and tackled Rob to the ground.


“Wow, you ARE gay!” Rob said as David punched him.


“Shut the fuck up!” David yelled.


Suddenly, he was lifted off of Rob by strong arms. He struggled before he realized that Pierre had a hold of him, and at this thought he felt fuzzy inside. David smiled before he broke free of Pierre’s embrace.


Jeff shoved David and David turned to look at him, confused.


“Go! Mr Durand is coming!” Jeff shouted as the guys ran towards the doors to escape to the cafeteria. The vice principal stepped in front of them and ordered them to go to Mr Durand’s office, now.


David, Seb, Jeff, and Pierre exchanged worried looks as they walked slowly to the office.




It was after school, and Pierre and David were in detention together.


Somehow, Pierre had been mixed up as the one fighting with David, so they were both having to stay an hour after school for the rest of the week.


Pierre was currently scribbling down some lyrics to a song he was writing, with David sitting on the left of him, practically bouncing in his seat.


Before too long, David’s bouncing annoyed Pierre and Pierre looked up, but his annoyed glare was gone as soon as he saw the child-like worry in David’s eyes.


“What’s wrong, man?” Pierre questioned, slowly closing the notebook he was writing in.


David shook his head. “I just don’t want my d-dad to get upset over this, and I’m stressing out about my sister coming back home next week.”


Pierre patted David’s knee, although he didn’t know why. “It’s okay, man. Your dad will understand.”


David shook his head again, tears shimmering in his eyes. “N-no, you don’t understand!” He insisted.


Pierre retracted his hand very slowly. “What do you mean?” He said carefully.


David’s eyes darted to where Pierre’s hand had been and then, he stammered. “My dad, when mad..he uh-uhm. Sometimes he-he…” David’s voice grew quieter as he noticed Pierre’s face was now inches from his face.


David didn’t resist, and started leaning in as well. The feel of Pierre’s hot breath getting closer to his face excited but frightened him at the same time.


Just as their lips were about to meet, the door to the library swung open loudly. Both of the boys jolted back, blushing bright red.


Chuck entered, looking stressed. “Where were you guys at lunch? Why are you in the library?” He said as he walked over to the blushing boys.


“David punched Rob, and I got blamed for starting it. So…we’re in detention.” Pierre said slowly, trying to nonchalantly cover his crotch with his notebook, hoping no one noticed. Chuck didn’t seem to notice, but David sure did, his face getting a brighter red.


“This is what you do in detention? Sit in the library doing nothing?”


“Well, Mr Durand couldn’t find anything for us to do…so, yeah.” Pierre blushed deeper as his pants seemed to get tighter from David eyeing him that way.


“Oh. Well, I got us a gig at the Star on Saturday night.” Chuck shrugged as if it were nothing, but his face gave it away that he was proud of the band. “Wanna go David?”


David eyed Pierre before reluctantly turning to Chuck and nodding.


Chuck sensed some kind of tension between the two and stared at them before saying “Peace” and walking out.


The rest of detention passed with neither boy saying anything. When the librarian came out to tell them they could leave, David darted from the room. Pierre stood there, wondering what the hell he had done, and how he was going to fix it.


But one thing stood out in the sea of thoughts flooding his brain: David hadn’t pulled away when Pierre was about to kiss him.

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