Hott Baguettes

Pierre got problems in school like any other. But one reason is that he is gay. When he met David his life starts to turn to something better. But one mistakes changes everything...


13. Chapter Thirteen

David was snapping on some bracelets in front of the mirror, thankful that Pierre’s parents hadn’t sent him away when there was a knock at his door.


He cringed, because he knew it wasn’t Mary-Kate. She had gone home the day after she arrived, because her business had a crisis and she was needed.


“Yeah…?” David said, preparing for the worst.


His drunken father barged threw the door and held onto the frame for support.


“Where is my…where’sssss…Mary-Kate?” He said, staggering.


David glared, trying not to seem afraid, but failing miserably. “She left.”


His dad seemed to ponder that a moment before the door bell rang.


“I’ll get it.” David said, trying to move past his father. His dad shoved him hard and he fell on the ground.


“I got it..boy. This is my houseee.” He slurred as he stumbled down the stairs to the door.


David wiped his tear-filled eyes and went to his bedroom window to see who was knocking. When he looked down, he saw Seb standing on his porch adjusting his backpack. He looked surprised and uncomfortable talking to David’s dad.


David sprinted down the stairs and stopped next to his dad. “I got this.” David said, hoping his dad wouldn’t do something stupid in front of Seb.


“I thought I told you to keep your lil faggot friends away from this house, boy!” David’s dad shoved him hard up against the door frame.


“Excuse me, sir, but leave David the fuck alone.” Seb said as he advanced on David’s dad with fear in his eyes.


David’s dad eyed them both before staggering away and mumbling cuss words under his breath.


David attacked Seb in a tight hug and started crying on his shoulder as Seb wrapped his arms around him.


“Thank you…s-so much…Seb.” David sobbed as Seb stroked his hair.


“It’s alright, man. Is that why you never want anyone comin’ around here?” Seb asked gently.


David sobbed louder into his shoulder.


“Look, let’s go get your backpack and meet up with the guys.” Seb said, sort of distancing himself as Pierre walked up the steps looking terrified.


“David, are you okay?” Pierre said anxiously as he hugged David tightly. He smiled at Seb as if to say ‘thank you’ and Seb merely shrugged in response.


“My d-dad, he just..” David trailed off.


“It’s okay, Davey.” Pierre kissed his cheeks.


“Ew, guys, I’m right here!” Seb sheilded his gorgeous blue eyes, causing Pierre and David to erupt in laughter.


“I don’t see how that was funny.” Seb muttered as they laughed harder.


“C’mon.” Pierre said as he walked through David’s house, despite David’s objections.


Once they retrieved David’s backpack and they were walking down the street, Pierre laced his fingers through David’s pale fingers. David blushed and they exchanged sweet smiles.


“Agh, you guys are hopeless!” Seb laughed, speeding up.


“What’re you in such a hurry for?” David said, speeding up and dragging Pierre along with him.


“I’m anxious to get to school, already.” Seb shrugged as if it was an everyday thing.


“What’d you just say, Lefebvre?” Patrick yelled as him, Chuck, and Jeff exited the house across the street and joined their friends.


“I have somethin’ to do.” Seb shrugged again.


“What is it?” Jeff asked, slappin’ him on the back playfully.


Seb shoved him and sighed. “You’ll know when I’m done.”


“Okay, man, whatever you say.” Chuck laughed as they made their way quickly to the school.




The final lunch bell rang, signifying that lunch was over.


Everyone started scuffling into the school, besides the five boys sitting under their shady tree.


Seb had told them to wait there until he came back, no matter how late it was, and they were gonna wait.


Pierre’s legs were spread open and David sat in between them, laying his head back on Pierre’s shoulders.


“Queers!” Rob Tillman yelled.


They all flipped him off, and Pierre sighed.


“Don’t worry, man. Just ignore him.” Pat shrugged.


Pierre was about to object when Seb came bounding up to them holding a stack of papers.


“Finally, man! What do you want? I have to get to class.” Chuck said, standing up, shifting his weight.


Seb beamed as he handed each of them a piece of paper.


“Day off passes?” David asked.


“Yup. Mrs DuBois gave ‘em to us.” He said.


“Sweet, why?” Jeff asked, standing up with his friends.


“She said we could help clean up the kitchen.”


“Why would we wanna do that?” Pierre said, putting an arm around David’s waist.


“Because we get all the left over food!” Seb yelled.


They all smiled then.


“Sweet. First, I’m gonna go get my car from my house and drive it here, so we all won’t have to walk home.” Jeff said.


“Alright, man we’ll wait.” Chuck said, plopping down again.


“I’m gonna go, too.” Seb said, walking off with Jeff.




After fifteen minutes and watching cars and one ambulence cruise by, they decided not to wait any longer.


“His house is only five minutes away.” David said as they all walked inside the school.


“I don’t wanna start without them. Let’s just walk around the school once before we go?” Chuck suggested.


They all nodded, and after walking around the school twice, they headed to the kitchen.


“Hello, boys! I really appreciate your help. Just clear the mess in the back and help yourself to the food.” A middle-aged lunch lady said to them.


“Thanks.” Pierre said as they all walked into the back area of the kitchen.


“Look! Fries!” Pat yelled, shoving a handful into his mouth.


“We’re supposed to clean up first!” David laughed and threw a fry at him.


Pat laughed and threw a fry, but instead of hitting David, it hit Chuck, who responded by throwing a meatball from the spaghetti at him.


Before long, the four boys were all in corners of the kitchen, hucking food at each other. David and Pierre were crouched behind a counter, Chuck in the opposing corner, and Pat sort of just caught between the crossfire.


David was about to throw a meatball at Chuck when his phone began ringing.


“Wait, guys, hold up!” David yelled.


Chuck popped his head out of his hiding place to make sure David wasn’t bluffing.


David didn’t recognize the number, but he picked up anyway. “Hello?”


“David Desrosiers?” A husky voice said.


David raised an eyebrow at Pierre who was looking at him. “Yeah, who is this?”


“We need you to come to the hospital. There’s been an accident.”


David scoffed. “Uh-huh. An accident? Involving who?” Chuck chuckled, Pat smiled, and Pierre smirked.


“Sebastien Lefebvre and Jeff Stinco.”

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