Hott Baguettes

Pierre got problems in school like any other. But one reason is that he is gay. When he met David his life starts to turn to something better. But one mistakes changes everything...


10. Chapter Ten

A few hours later, they were all drunken messes. Seb and Chuck were wrestling in the living room, Jeff was attempting to cook noodles, David and Pierre were throwing bread at each other, and Pat was filming himself making faces.


“Guys!” David yelled, clapping his hands together loudly.


Everyone turned to look at him, and he beamed, “I have an ideaaaaa!”


“Whaaaaat?” Pat mimicked.


“Spin. The. Bottle!” He clapped again and attempted to stand, but staggered and Pierre caught him and they both stumbled backwards into a wall.


“We’re all guys though!” Chuck shouted, very loosely, only because he was drunk.


“Sooo?” Pierre said, and David smiled at him and gave him a sloppy kiss on the cheek.


“Call. Some. CHICKS!” Seb yelled, very, very, drunkenly.




Half an hour later, the six drunken boys and three girls were sitting in a circle.


Pierre was sitting with his hands on David’s knee and David was whispering in his ear.


“Okay, okay! Let’s gooooo.” Seb shouted, his hand rubbing his girlfriend’s thigh.


“Whose first?” David laughed.


“Jeffy!” Seb shouted. Everyone laughed because Seb wasn’t usually so energetic and childish.


Jeff laughed and spun the empty beer bottle that had been downed in no time at all thanks to Seb. It landed on David and David grinned at Jeff’s horror. David leaned across the circle and kissed him on the cheek, much to Jeff’s dismay.


The rest of the game went something like that. Girls refusing to kiss girls, except for Seb’s girlfriend and her best friend who made out with each other. Patrick was on the couch with one of the girls, and Chuck was upstairs with one.


The only ones still playing the game were Seb, David, Pierre, Jeff, and Seb’s girlfriend. They decided this would be the last spin, and David spun it and it landed on Seb. David laughed, rubbed Pierre’s knee, and leaned in. Seb leaned in too, but fell forward when his girlfriend smacked his ass. Their lips met for a few seconds before they both jolted away.


Seb’s eyes were wide and he slowly turned to his girlfriend before grabbing her hand and leading her to his room. David and Pierre sat there a minute staring at where Seb had been sitting.


“That was…weird.” Jeff said finally.


Pierre nodded and Jeff walked into the kitchen to look for food.


David turned to look at Pierre, whose eyes had filled with tears. “Pierre, what’s wrong?” David asked in a calm voice, gently rubbing Pierre’s cheek.


Pierre stood and staggered up the stairs, dragged David along to Seb’s little sister’s room.


Pierre plopped on the bed and began sobbing uncontrollably. David walked over and sat on the bed. “What’s wrong?” David said.


“I…when I cut….I thought…y-you liked…Seb…” He said in between sobs.


David laid down with his boyfriend and kissed Pierre’s tears as they fell. “I don’t like Seb. I like you..” He said softly.


Pierre looked at him for a moment before burying his head in the pillow and huffing.


David giggled at how adorable Pierre was, but his laughter was short-lived. Pierre’s sleeve had pulled up, and David saw fresh cuts.


“Pie…” He said softly rolling up Pierre’s sleeve.


Pierre looked at him with such hurt in his eyes, David felt his heart break.


“I’m sorry..are…you g-gonna…break up with me?” Pierre sobbed into David’s shoulder as David wrapped his arms around Pierre.


“Of course nottt! I likeee you.” He slurred. “Why’d ya do that?”


Pierre sniffled and said, “I d-don’t know..I was sad..”


David’s own tears spilled onto his cheeks. “When?”


“This morning-g..”


He hugged Pierre as tight as he could and whispered, “Pierre please stop. I care about you so much, I don’t want you to do this to yourself. I’m here for you.” He managed to say that whole sentence without slurring a single word.


Pierre held onto David before lifting his head and staring into David’s eyes. They slowly leaned in and their lips mashed together perfectly, and soon David’s tongue was tracing Pierre’s bottom lip for entrance. Pierre obliged and their tongues slid in and out of each other’s mouths slowly.


David rolled on top of Pierre and the two began grinding on each other, David’s hands wrapped in Pierre’s hair and Pierre’s hands on David’s butt.


Pierre let out a soft moan as David bit his lip and slid his hands under Pierre’s shirt. David’s heart jumped around in his chest as he removed Pierre’s shirt and it fell to the floor. He began biting at Pierre’s neck as Pierre undid his belt and slid off his pants.


David took off his own shirt and then Pierre’s pants. Pierre sucked on David’s neck as he rubbed David’s penis. David slipped his hand under Pierre’s boxers and Pierre moaned.


“Pierre…” David stopped.


“Hmm..?” Pierre said, still sucking on David’s neck.


David grabbed Pierre’s hands and that made Pierre look up with hurt-filled eyes.


“I’m just…not ready.” David said and Pierre nodded.


Pierre laid behind David and wrapped his arms around him. David leaned down and kissed Pierre’s cuts before they both fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.

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