Hott Baguettes

Pierre got problems in school like any other. But one reason is that he is gay. When he met David his life starts to turn to something better. But one mistakes changes everything...


6. Chapter Six

Seb got a knock on his bedroom door, which interrupted his guitar playing. He yelled, “Come in!”


He was expecting to see Jeff, because they were supposed to get together and jam a bit today, but he was suprised when David opened the door.


“David, hey man!” Seb greeted with a smile as he stood up, but his smile deflated as he took a look at David. “What’s wrong?”


David sighed. A while ago, Pierre had told David how Seb was the person to always turn to, and how he always listened to Pierre. Now, since he didn’t have Pierre, he decided to go to Seb’s and talk to him. “Uh..I just…Pierre…” He managed to choke out.


Seb looked worried and motioned for David to sit at the desk adjacent from the bed. As they both sat down, Seb asked again, “What’s wrong?”


David looked at Seb. He felt that he could trust him. And if Pierre didn’t want Seb to know what happened…well, oh well. “Pierre and I..we uh….”


“What?” Seb asked, getting impatient.


“Almost…k-kissed.” David looked at the ground, not wanting to see the disgusted reaction he was sure Seb would give.


Seb’s reaction suprised him. He stood up, and set his guitar down on his bed and moved over to David. David flinched as Seb grabbed his wrists, but he pulled him up to a tight embrace.


After a few minutes of the two hugging, Seb broke the silence when he softly said, “David, are you gay?”


David sighed as they pulled away and nodded slowly.


“Do you like Pierre?” Seb said in a low voice.


David bit his lip before nodding. Seb beamed and practically tackled David, embracing him in another hug.


“What?” David laughed.


“Pierre finally can have someone! He can be happyyyyy!” Seb yelled excitedly.


David chuckled, never before have seen Seb act so hyper. “But, I just…”


Seb’s smile faltered before he asked, “You what?”


“I don’t…want people to hate me..”


Seb stood there looking at him like he was an idiot. “People won’t hate you.”


“I see the way they treat Pierre…” David said slowly.


Seb rolled his eyes. “You can’t stay in the closet forever! Do you wanna be happy and with Pierre or unhappy in the closet! We got your back, dude!”


David thought that over and realized Seb was right. “That’s true…”


Seb got a smartass grin on his face. “So you DO wanna be with Pierre?”


David’s eyes got wide. “What? No , I mean, maybe. Well…”


David stopped when Seb was holding his gut in a fit of laughter. “You’re in loveeee!”


“Am not!”


Before too long, the two boys were wrestling and laughing on the floor, David in a headlock.


Seb’s door opened to reveal Jeff and Chuck, who instantly looked amused.


David wiggled free and and stood up laughing.


Seb stood up and beamed at his two best friends. “Guys, guess what!”


They entered and Chuck closed the door and they sat on Seb’s bed, Jeff picking up Seb’s guitar.


Seb looked at David for permission, and when David nodded hesitantly, Seb shouted at the top of his lungs, “David is gay! And in love with Pierre!”


Chuck and Jeff’s eyes widened before they beamed at David. David blushed and rushed, “I am NOT in love with Pierre!”


“They almost kissed!” Seb said laughing as he sat on top of his desk.


Again, Chuck and Jeff’s eyes widened and looked at David for confirmation. When David nodded shyly, Chuck smiled and Jeff laughed. “What happened?” Jeff asked.


David blushed and plopped down in a bean bag in the corner of Seb’s baby blue room. “We were in detention and…we almost kissed…” He blushed deeper, feeling slightly weird talking to his three straight friends about their other best friend.


“And? Why didn’t you?” Seb asked.


“Chuck walked in…”


Chuck groaned. “That’s why you guys were acting weird!”


Jeff smacked Chuck’s arm. “Dude, you ruined their romantic moment!”


They all laughed as David blushed deeper.


“Hey, David, man, you know how to play guitar?” Jeff questioned out of the blue.




“Here!” Jeff shoved Seb’s white guitar covered in band stickers into David’s arms.




“Let’s see your skills.” Chuck said, laying back on Seb’s bed.


David looked them all in the eyes and smiled. He expected to get hate from his new friends for being gay, and they had acted like it wasn’t a suprise. They accepted him, and he knew that they would all be a whole lot closer after that. And he knew once he fixed things with Pierre, they’d all be friends for a very long time.

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