Hott Baguettes

Pierre got problems in school like any other. But one reason is that he is gay. When he met David his life starts to turn to something better. But one mistakes changes everything...


17. Chapter Seventeen

“This is so beautiful!” David said, standing in front of an old building with a bunch of ramps and rails.


“I wouldn’t say beautiful.” Pierre chuckled from beside him.


“What’re we doing here?” David asked.


“Having a picnic and skateboarding.” Pierre shrugged, going to the back of the car and opening the trunk.


“I didn’t bring my skateboard, though.”


“You left it at my house, so I brought it.” Pierre held out a his skateboard. “Do y’wanna eat or skateboard first?”




Pierre grabbed his skateboard and handed David his. They walked hand-in-hand.


“What is this place?” David asked.


“I think it was an old observatory.”


They skated around hand-in-hand for a while before they started skating solo. David was sliding down a rail when it started hailing.


“Fuck.” Pierre said, standing up from where he had been sitting on the stairs.


“I love the hail.” David said, twirling around.


“You do? It’s awful!” He laughed as he grabbed David’s hands and danced with him a little.


“Do you wanna go..?” David asked, kind of sad. He never wanted this night to end; it was perfect. Skateboarding with his lovely boyfriend in the hail.


Pierre just shook his head. “I have something to show you.” He led him over to a big platform and layed down, pulling David down beside him. David smiled and snuggled up to Pierre, loving the feeling of the hail beating down on them.


They layed there for a few minutes before a husky voice interrupted them. “Who’s there?”


Pierre’s eyes shot open and he immidiately yanked David to his feet.


“What? What’s wrong?” David asked anxiously.


“We’re trespassing! That guys threatened to call the cops the next time I was here!” He whisper-shouted.


“Bouvier? That you?” There was rustling in the bush to their left.


“Fuck! C’mon!” Pierre said as he grabbed David’s hand and started running.


They left their boards lying on the pavement, and they ran hand-in-hand to Pierre’s car. They each ran to opposing sides and jumped in the car. Pierre fumbled with the keys for a moment before finally putting the key in the ignition and throwing it in reverse. They sped out of there and once they were out of that neighborhood by a mile, Pierre pulled over.


David’s heart was still racing and he looked over at Pierre, who had his head leaned back against his seat.


“That was a close one.” Pierre sighed.


David smiled and reached over to put his hand on Pierre’s knee.


“Do you want to just have the picnic here?” Pierre asked, opening his eyes turning his head to stare at David.


David looked outside to where it was still hailing pretty badly and bit his lip ring.


“I mean in the car, dummy.” Pierre laughed at his boyfriend’s reaction.


“Oh! Yeah, sure.” He smiled and started climbing in the back of Pierre’s car.


Pierre laughed, “What are you doing?”


“Getting the food!” He said as if it were obvious, skirming to get his legs unstuck from the front seats.


“It’s in the trunk, though.” Pierre said, lifting David’s skinny legs and shoving them in the backseat with his giggling boyfriend.


Pierre waited a few moments for David to stop giggling, before repeating his question.


David sat upright and grinned before folding the backseat down and grabbing the basket from the trunk. He erupted in a fit of giggles again when Pierre’s mouth hung open. Pierre, seeing this, immidiately closed his mouth, blushing.


“That was adorable!” David said in between giggles and leaned up to kiss Pierre’s cheek.


Pierre blushed again. “I never knew you could fold the seat down.”


“How long have you been driving?” He said sarcastically, reaching forward and setting the basket down on the dash. In doing so, he lost his balance and fell face forward onto his seat, his legs getting stuck once again.


Pierre laughed with David as he untangled his boyfriend’s legs from the awkward position they were in. Once David sat right again, he bit his lip and looked at Pierre a moment before leaning forward and capturing Pierre’s lips in a sweet kiss.


When they parted, Pierre smiled at him before opening the basket and handing him a sandwich.


“What kind?” He asked, lifting up the tin foil a bit, peering inside.


Pierre felt his heart skip a beat at how adorable he was. “Peanut butter and banana.”


David pulled Pierre into a very tight hug and squealed in his ear, “I FUCKING LOVE PB&B!”


“Babe…air..” Pierre choked out. David blushed at the name and let him go. He unwrapped his sandwich and took a massive bite, peanut butter squishing all over his perfect pink lips.


Pierre smirked. “You’re acting really happy today.”


He shrugged, taking another huge bite and talking with his mouth full. “Well, everything’s going great now. I have my four best friends, a band, an amazing boyfriend that I lo…adore, and my dad hasn’t been home in days.” He quickly shoved the last bit of his sandwich into his mouth.


Pierre eyed David for a moment, wondering if he was going to say what he thought he was going to say. He shrugged it off as he grabbed a sandwich that David was holding out to him.


“So when’s the next band practice?” David said, unwrapping his third sandwich and handing Pierre a second.


“Tomorrow.” Pierre said, shoving half the sandwich in his mouth. David nodded and took a bite.


“Anything interesting happen lately?” Pierre said, rumaging threw the basket trying to find the water bottles he had packed. Finding one, he unscrewed it, taking a sip, and handed it to David.


“Not really. This girl…what’s her name..uhm..” He trailed off, his eyes focusing on the basket. Pierre smiled at his adorable expression. “Katie! Katie..uh…I dunno. Anyway, she was trying to flirt with me and it was pretty funny.” He nodded and took a swig of the water. Pierre smiled and grabbed a third sandwich.


“Et tois?” David said, raising and eyebrow seductively.


Pierre grinned. “It’s really sexy when you speak French, I hope you know.”


He nodded and took a bite of his sandwich. “Likewise.”


Pierre chuckled. “Nothing exciting has happened. Oh, but every Friday for the past, like, month, I’ve been getting these secret love notes in my locker.”


“Who’s sendin’ ‘em?” David asked, mouth full.


He shrugged. “Dunno.”


“You get one today?”


He nodded.


“Lemme see?” He asked, dusting the crumbs off his hands.


Pierre dug in his back pocket before handing him the note.


Pierre blushed.


“Wow, man. They better not try to steal my Pie!” David exclaimed, tossing the note on the dashboard and reaching over to hug Pierre tightly again. Pierre patted his back.


Once David let go, they smiled at each other and ate the rest of their meal quietly, both of them enjoying the peaceful silence. After they ate, they drove back to David’s, with David’s head resting on Pierre’s shoulder.


They pulled up in front of David’s house and Pierre quietly said, “That would never happen.”


David blinked at him. “What?”


“No one could ever steal me from you. You’re so amazing, David. You are just so funny, smart, nice, talented, cute, and you’re just so amazing…sometimes I can’t believe you’re real. I don’t know why you would ever want me, but I promise I will never leave you. You’re so special and you’ve helped me quit cutting. And you don’t judge me. You’re just so…perfect.”


Pierre stroked David’s hands and David looked at him with tear-filled eyes of joy.


Pierre gently said, “J’aime, David.”


David felt his heart skip a beat and he blushed. “J’aime, Pierre.”


They leaned in, pressing their lips gently to one another’s, reveling in the warmth of the moment and how good it had felt to finally say they loved each other.


After pulling apart, they rested their foreheads against one another’s and stayed quiet for a long time, just stroking each other’s hands.


“Do you want to come in?” David said quietly.


When Pierre nodded, the boys slowly got out of the car, this time Pierre held open the door for David. They walked up to the door and David felt around for his keys.


“Shit.” He mumbled after a moment.


“Don’t you have spare keys under the mat or somethin’?” Pierre said quietly, resting his chin on the smaller boy’s shoulder.


“Oh yeah!” David said loudly. He lifted up the mat, grabbed the keys, and opened the door.


He grabbed Pierre’s hand and they walked up to David’s room. Pierre looked around as David walked over to the dresser and opened drawers.


“You have really rad posters.” Pierre commented, focusing especially on a Pennywise poster.


David smiled. “Do you want clothes? Since yours are all drenched..?”




David handed him black boxers and a ‘The Offspring’ shirt awkwardly. “Uhm..I’ll go change in the bathroom.”


Pierre chuckled and when David left, he slipped his black t-shirt over his head, exposing his well-toned body. He pulled his pants down and then slipped on the boxers and shirt David had handed him. He walked over to the dresser and put on some deoderant that David had sitting out. Since David hadn’t returned, he awkwardly sat on the edge of his bed, his attention on the picture on the bedside table.


“That’s my mom.” David said, making Pierre just since he hadn’t noticed that he’d returned. David was wearing zebra-print boxers and a black sleeveless shirt that said ‘slut’ on it.


“She’s beautiful.”


David smiled sadly. “Yeah, she was.”


David threw his wet clothes on the ground and walked over to the bed, where he layed down. Pierre hesitated for a moment before laying back as well. David scooted closer to him and buried his face in Pierre’s neck.






“I love you.”


Pierre beamed. “I love you too, David.”


David looked up and gently pressed his lips to Pierre’s. The innocent, gentle kiss was cut short though, because soon the two were in a full-on tongue war.


Pierre was on top of David, his hands gripping the headboard, while David had his cold hands running all over Pierre’s abs.


When a soft moan escaped Pierre’s lips, David bit softly down on his neck, causing him to moan even louder and bite his lip. David pulled Pierre’s shirt over his head and then quickly re-attached his lips to Pierre’s neck, biting harder. Pierre pressed his body against David, growing harder as if that were possible. Feeling Pierre get hard for him was enough for David to get his own erection.


Pierre reached for David’s waistband and pulled them down, biting at David’s neck now. David let out a very loud moan, and he quickly took off his own shirt as Pierre pulled down his boxers. Their two hot, naked bodies pressed up against one another, rubbing back and forth.


“Pierre..fuck me…now.” David panted.


Pierre turned David over and thrust into him, moaning loudly. He did it slow at first but soon it was going faster and faster until he came. He panted and then pulled out.


David turned around again and kissed Pierre passionately, his dick rubbing up against Pierre’s inner thigh. Pierre smirked at David and lowered himself further down on the bed. He teased David’s penis a bit, before David let out a whimper. Once he did, Pierre didn’t hesitate to take his member in his mouth, gently tracing the tip with his tongue. David’s hands gripped onto Pierre’s hair tightly as he moaned loudly. It didn’t take long before he came in Pierre’s mouth. After he did, Pierre swallowed and climbed back up to his boyfriend.


“David..” He panted.


“What?” David said, his finger gently running up and down Pierre’s muscualr bicep.


“I love you.”


“I love you, too.”


They cuddled togeher until they both fell asleep; their sweaty, naked bodies tangled together.

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