Hott Baguettes

Pierre got problems in school like any other. But one reason is that he is gay. When he met David his life starts to turn to something better. But one mistakes changes everything...


7. Chapter Seven

Pierre had ditched school the day after David and he had almost kissed. He knew Chuck the guys were worried because they had called him all day, and Seb even stopped by. But as instructed, Pierre’s Mom told him that Pierre wasn’t home.


Now, Pierre knew he couldn’t skip two days in a row. He groaned as he put on a long sleeved white shirt, even though it was rather sunny that day. He looked at himself in the mirror before running a hand through his spiky black hair and heading out the door.


He breathed a sigh of relief when he noticed David was not walking in front of him. Halfway to school, he stopped in his tracks when he saw Seb and David wrestling in the street.


When did THAT happen? They never seemed really close just a few days ago..


Pierre jumped to the conclusion that David hadn’t kissed him because he wanted Seb. Seb was attractive, after all. With his gorgeous blue eyes and his shiny brown hair.


Pierre hurriedly walked past them, hoping they wouldn’t notice.


“Pierre!” He heard Seb’s voice call.


He tensed and slowly turned around to see Seb and David walking up to him. He met David’s eyes for a split second before focusing his gaze on Sebastien’s.


“Why didn’t you answer me yesterday?” Seb looked hurt.


“Well, you didn’t answer me when I called you a two days ago, so…” Pierre said quietly.


“Dude my phone was off. I was calling you yesterday from my house phone.”


Pierre shrugged.


“Pierre..” Hearing David’s voice, Pierre slowly looked into his eyes. “Can I talk to you?”


Seb smirked, patted David on the back and gave Pierre a thumbs up as he walked away.


“Look, David. Before you say anything, I know it was stupid. I know you’re not gay. Let’s just pretend it never happened.” Pierre looked at David who looked absolutelt stunned, before turning and following after Seb who was no more than twenty feet ahead.


“I am gay!”


Pierre stopped and turned to face David who was walking up to him.




“I am gay. I like you…”


Pierre’s mouth hung open.


David blushed.


Pierre quickly shook his head. “Inlike you too.”


They both blushed, having never before admitted to having feelings for a guy.


“Kiss, kiss kiss!” They turned to see Chuck, Seb, and Jeff chanted at them.


They blushed and walked towards their friends, slapping them all playfully as they walked to school.




It was lunch and Chuck was sitting under the shade of a tree in the courtyard. He was making small talk with David, who was bouncing up and down from the energy drink thay Jeff had given him earlier in third period.


“There’s Pierre and Seb and Jeff!” David said pointing to his approaching best friends.


They all laughed and sat in a circle, taking out their lunches.


“Chuck, want my apple?” Jeff asked holding out a red apple to him.


Chuck nodded and took a bite of it.


A few minutes into their conversation, he looked to Pierre who had stayed unusually silent all day.


“Pierre what’s wrong?” Chuck blurted, interrupting Jeff.


All four boys looked at Pierre, who was sweating really bad, despite the shade.


Pierre shook his head, “Nothing.” He smiled, but the look on Seb and Jeff’s face meant they knew it was a fake one.


David had stopped bouncing and now looked concerned and a slight bit confused.


“Why’re you sweating so badly, man?” Jeff questioned.


Pierre shrugged. “It’s hot.”


“Then why are you wearing long sleeves?” Seb asked.


Pierre shrugged again. “It was cold this morning.”


“You were sweating on the way to school.” Chuck said quietly.


David just looked around, really confused now. He didn’t know why they were questioning Pierre so bad, just because he was wearing long sleeves. So what?


Pierre said nothing but looked at the ground and started pulling grass out of the ground. Chuck sighed and looked between Jeff and Seb, who had an equal look of worry and frusturation on their normally happy faces.


“Pierre…” Chuck said softly.


“What?” Pierre snapped.


Seb carefully reached over to Pierre’s sleeve and started rolling it up.


David gasped at what he saw, but Seb’s eyes filled with tears, Chuck furrowed his brow, and Jeff sighed.


Pierre started crying and Seb embraced him in a tight hug.


Chuck thought a minute before saying, “We’re ditching.” He normally wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize his perfect grades, but Pierre needed them.


His friends nodded and he looked over to David who was still staring at the long, deep, bloody gashes on Pierre’s arm.

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