Hott Baguettes

Pierre got problems in school like any other. But one reason is that he is gay. When he met David his life starts to turn to something better. But one mistakes changes everything...


9. Chapter Nine

Over the next six days, Pierre and David spent as much time as they could together. They walked to school together, hung out after school at Pierre’s house. Whenever they were together, they flirted relentlessly with each other, except for at school.


David found that spending all this time with Pierre had made him a much happier person, and he was glad to be away from home for so long. His sister’s travelling plans had been delayed, so she would be here in two days, and he was excited for her to meet Pierre.


It was now Friday, and they were in their last class of the day, the only class they all shared: Jazz Band. Pierre was wearing long sleeves again, despite the heat, but his friends assumed it was still from last week. Pierre found that he always felt extremely guilty for lying to his four best friends, but he knew they would flip out if they found out that he had started cutting nearly almost everyday again.


David began waving his hand in front of Pierre’s face and Pierre smiled warmly at him. “What?”


David shoved a chocolate bar into Pierre’s mouth and laughed as it squished all ove his lips. Pierre grinned devilishly and wiped the chocolate off his mouth with his finger and wiped it on David’s nose. David looked mortified and then reached out to smack Pierre, but his hand was intercepted and soon the two boys were just fiddling with each other’s fingers in the back of the band room.


“Ew…PDA!” Jeff laughed.


Pierre and David separated their hands immidiately and glared and Jeff who grinned.


The door of the classroom opened and a handsome young man entered. All four of the guys exchanged glances before jumping up and running towards him. “Pat!” They yelled.


David looked confused and sat there until his four best friends and one stranger re-approached him.


“David Desrosiers, this is Patrick Langlois!” Seb grinned.


“Hey, dude!” Pat said as him and David shook hands.


“Why didn’t you tell us you were coming back today?” Chuck asked.


Pat shrugged just as the final bell rung, and David lifted both arms above his head and yelled, “Friday!” They all laughed and walked to their lockers, and soon, five of the six guys were walking upstairs to Pierre’s locker.


David saw Pierre smiling wider than he’s seen him smile all week as he was staring at a piece of paper in his hands.


“What’s that?” Pat asked as they approached.


Pierre beamed at his friends. “I dunno. Two weeks ago, I got an annonymous letter in my locker, last week I got one, and I just got another one!”


“Lemme see?” Chuck asked, snatching it out of Pierre’s hands.


They all read it over Chuck’s shoulder, and David began shifting uncomfortably, but no one noticed.


‘Tu es beau le facon tu es. Tu inspires moi, je pense je suis en train tomber amoreuse pour toi”


“Wow, dude! You got a secret admirer!” Jeff congratulated Pierre by slapping him on the back.


“Someone is falling for you! Ooooh!” Seb smiled.


“You inspire them, and you’re beautiful!” Chuck laughed.


Pierre folded it into his back pocket and the six guys walked outside, planning to go to the skate park.


When they stepped outside, however, it was snowing pretty badly. All six of them groaned and rushed out to Jeff’s van and piled in. Chuck was driving, Jeff in passenger seat, Pierre in between Pat and David, with Seb sitting on the floor.


“Where to?” Chuck asked, cranking the heater up.


“I vote David’s house!” Seb said, sticking his hand up like a child.


They all agreed and David stared at them horrified. “No!”


Everyone turned to look at him. “Uhm…I-I can’t go there. My dad is with a bunch of his friends…” He lied.


Chuck said, “Okay….then…my house?” Everyone nodded and they started driving down the road.


Pierre kept looking at David and narrowing his eyes, as if he didn’t believe David. David avoided his gaze and made small talk with Patrick.


When they arrived at Chuck’s, they went to the basement as usual and all plopped down on the couches. David noticed that no one sat on the loveseat with Pierre and him.


“What should we do?” Pat asked as he took out a camcorder and fiddling with it.


“We could…have a party?” Pierre asked.


Everyone seemed to brighten up at that idea. “Alright! Wait do we have booze?” Jeff asked.


“My dad has a whole bunch that he won’t notice is gone if we take it.” Pat said.


“Where at?” Chuck asked.


“My parents are going on a little romantic weekend.” Seb said, smiling, as usual.


They all agreed that the party would be at Seb’s at 7:00, and they’d all meet there.




David and Pierre were on their way to Seb’s, about two houses down, their fingers intertwined.


“David.” Pierre stopped suddenly and pulled David around to face him.


“Yeah?” David asked, shivering in the cold.


“Why don’t you ever let anyone go to your house?”


David racked his brain for a good lie. “Well, my dad is uh..remodeling the house. He doesn’t want anyone to see it until it’s f-finished.” He said slowly.


Pierre thought about that before saying, “You’re lying to me. Why?”


David looked over Pierre, this sweet, innocent, loving, funny boy. His cheeks rosy red from walking in the snow, wearing a baby blue shirt with a white thermal underneath, and blue jeans. He noticed how inhumanly beautiful Pierre looked with snow sparkling in his black spiky hair.


Pierre looked at David, waiting. David sighed and said, “I’ve never told anyone this..”


Pierre continued to look at David with his adorable brown eyes. “My dad…he…sometimes when he’s upset he…he h-hits me…” David said the last part so quietly he wasn’t sure Pierre heard him until anger flashed in Pierre’s eyes.


“What?! Since when?!” Pierre’s voice rose, which made David flinch, not liking to picture Pierre angry.


“Uhm…last year. When my sister left for college…”


“Why doesn’t your mom stop him?!”


David felt that pain in his chest and swallowed. “My mom died in a car crash a year ago..” He said, a tear streaming down his face.


Pierre’s eyes softened, and he reached up and wiped David’s tear away gently. “David, je suis désolé.” He said as he stroked David’s cheek.


“Thanks, Pierre.” David sighed.


Pierre started leaning in and David’s heart jumped inside his chest. Their faces got closer and David’s lips met Pierre’s perfect, soft, pink lips for several seconds before Pierre pulled away.


“David?” Pierre asked.


“Hmm?” David asked, sort of dazed. That kiss had been amazing.


“Es-tu ma copain?” He asked sweetly, blushing.


David beamed at Pierre asking him to be his boyfriend in French. “Oui.” David said.


Pierre smiled widely as David leaned in and captured Pierre’s lips in another soft kiss. This time, David’s hands tangled themselves in Pierre’s hair, and Pierre’s hands were on David’s back holding him close.


The two stood there kissing for a long time, before they finally tore apart grinning at each other. David bit his lip before leaning in and kissing Pierre again.


After they pulled apart, they turned to continue walking the three houses to Seb’s, and were shocked to see all four of their friends standing outside Seb’s house grinning at them.


“Were you watching that?!” David asked, walking quickly over to them, dragging Pierre behind him.


“Just the last five minutes of making out!” Jeff grinned at them.


“We were not making out, prick!” David said, lightly shoving Jeff.


“Remember this day, guys! September 24th: the day of Pierre and David!” Seb shouted.


They all looked at him as if he were crazy. “He’s already had a few shots.” Pat laughed.


“So…you guys ready for a party?!” Seb shouted.


They all grinned and walked into Seb’s house.

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