Hott Baguettes

Pierre got problems in school like any other. But one reason is that he is gay. When he met David his life starts to turn to something better. But one mistakes changes everything...


14. Chapter Fourteen

Chuck was sitting in the passenger side of Pat’s car. David and Pierre were in the back.


After they had gotten the call, then all bolted to Pat’s. On the way, they happened to see Jeff’s van smashed in the front by a semi-truck and in the back by a truck.


They had all been completely quiet after seeing that. They were too sad and afraid.


Chuck glanced over at the speedometer and saw that they were going about 15mph over the speed limit. Normally, he would complain. But two of his best friends were in who-knows-what condition in a hospital bed, and he wanted to get there as soon as possible.


He glanced at Pierre and David in the mirror and noticed that David was quietly crying and Pierre was gently stroking his hair. He smiled saddly at them.


Pat slammed on the brakes and Chuck realized they were at the only hospital in town. Everyone quickly unbuckled their seat belts and ran through the enterance. Chuck was the first to reach the front desk, where he didn’t bother with the details. He just spit out their names and she began typing. She didn’t even look up, she just said, “Third floor ICU, room 405.”


Chuck bolted to the elevator with his friends closely behind him, David bein the last one to climb in.


Chuck impatiently tapped his foot as the elevator made two stops before opening at level three. This time, Pat was the first one out the elevator and booked it down the hall with everyone following just as fast.


They slowed as they realized that a doctor and a police officer were standing outside of room 405.


“Is one of you David Desrosiers?” The officer said.


David nodded.


“Okay, so what we happened is that Mr Lefebvre,” he said checking his notepad, “was driving the van and as he pulled out of the driveway, a semi hit them and a truck rear-ended them.”


David let a few tears escape and the rest let their eyes fall.


“Mr Stinco was about to send a text message to you, David. That’s how we got your number.” He nodded at the doctor, singaling that he should continue.


“Sebastien was not wearing his seat-belt and went through the windsheild and onto the pavement. Jean-Francois shot forward and hit his head really hard on the dash. He is doing alright and is just unconsious right now with a concussion and a broken nose. Sebastien on the other hand..” He paused, looking at the boys sympathetically before saying, “He is in a coma and has a 40% chance of survival.”


David’s hand shot to his mouth to muffle a sob, and the rest of the boys let tears well up in their eyes.


“We need to contact their parents, so if any of you would be as kind as to give me their phone numbers?” The officer interjected.


Chuck wrote down their numbers and then they all entered the room where their two best friends were lying unconsious.


Upon seeing their battered faces and their bruised bodies, they all settled down around the two hospital beds, each and every one of them crying.

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