Hott Baguettes

Pierre got problems in school like any other. But one reason is that he is gay. When he met David his life starts to turn to something better. But one mistakes changes everything...


15. Chapter Fifteen

Pierre and Chuck walked down the halls of their highschool slowly and sadly.


After waiting at the hospital a few hours for Jeff to wake up, they decided to go back to school and retrieve their backpacks and stuff.


Neither had said a word to each other, though neither found the need to. They both knew that no matter what they said, it wouldn’t make the situation any better.


Pierre was off in his own little land, thinking hard about anything and everything other than Seb lying in that hospital bed.


As they approached Chuck’s locker, Chuck said quietly, “Pie, you okay?”


“Yeah, I guess. Why?”


Chuck’s eyes flicked to Pierre’s wrists before he grabbed his backpack and slammed the locker door.


“If I wanna do it, I’ll call you all before I call the hotline, just like I promised I would.” Pierre smirked as they walked up the stairs to Pierre’s locker.


“Just makin’ sure you’re alright, man.” Chuck shrugged as they walked up to Pierre’s locker.


Pierre attempted to open his locker three times before finally getting it on the fourth try. He smirked and was about to grab his backpack when he saw the note. His heart skipped a beat as he realized that someone had been sending him notes every Friday for about a month and a half. He reached in his locker and carefully unfolded the note.


“Is it from your secret admirer?” Chuck raised an eyebrow.


Pierre shrugged as he read the note that was, of course, in French.


‘Ne tuer pas toi. Tu es beau et le meilleur personnage j’ai connais. Tu es merveilleux et speciale en tous facons. Rester fort.’


By the end of the note Pierre was tearing up. No one other than his friends had ever told him not to kill himself. And David had been the only one to ever call him beautiful.


“What?” Chuck asked, leaning up against a locker next to Pierre’s.


“They told me to stay strong and that I’m beautiful.” Pierre said as he folded the note up carefully and slid it into his pocket.


He reached for his backpack as Chuck’s phone rang. Pierre smirked as he realized Chuck’s ringtone was ‘Dumpweed’ by Blink-182, one of their favorite bands.




Pierre closed his locker as listened intently, trying to figure out the conversation.


He watched Chuck’s expression, trying to read it, when Chuck’s jaw hit the floor and he looked at Pierre.


“What?” Pierre said.


Chuck snapped his phone shut without telling the person goodbye and stared at Pierre.


“For the love of God, Chuck! Who was that?”


Chuck just shook his head and bolted down the stairs and out the door, followed by a very confused Pierre.

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