Hott Baguettes

Pierre got problems in school like any other. But one reason is that he is gay. When he met David his life starts to turn to something better. But one mistakes changes everything...


11. Chapter Eleven

Today was the day. Mary-Kate, David’s older sister, was coming home to visit.


David was currently pacing back and forth in the airport mumbling to himself. Pierre was sitting on a chair with an amused look on his face as he watched David pace. He was so cute sometimes!


“Did they just call for her plane?” David asked Pierre as he walked away with a bounce in his step.


Pierre chuckled and sped over to David and grabbed his hand, making him turn to face him. “Shhhh. It’s okay, babe.” Pierre said in a hushed voice.


David’s heart felt like it was about to jump out of his chest as Pierre leaned in and kissed his lips very gently.


“But what if her plane is delayed or-“


Pierre shut him up by kissing him once more. He tugged on David’s hand so that he followed him to the chairs Pierre was sitting at before. David sat right next to Pierre and draped his legs over Pierre’s lap. This earned several disgusted looks from people around them, but Pierre shrugged. He didn’t care what people thought of him as long as he had David.


The two were in their own little world, with their foreheads pressed up against each other whispering quietly to each other, when they heard someone clear their throat. They both looked up to see Mary-Kate stading there with a smirk on her face. David leaped off of Pierre’s lap and they both stood up rater awkwardly.


“Mary-Kate! Hey!” David embraced his sister, and as they seperated he said, “This is uhm..Pierre. My uh-uh…boyfriend.” He said softly blushing.


She beamed and tightly hugged Pierre. “You were right about what you said on the phone last night! He is hot!” She said.


Pierre’s face flushed and David laughed.


“C’mon.” David said as he grabbed her hand, Pierre grabbed her bag, and they headed outside to a cab.


“Where to?” The cab driver asked, hiding his face with a cap.


Pierre thought he sounded familiar, but shrugged it off and told the man his address.


“Wait what?” Mary-Kate asked, confused.


“We needa stop by Pierre’s.” David lied.


“So…how did you two meet?” She asked, laughing as both boys blushed and intertwined fingers.


“Pierre ran into me one day.” David shrugged.


“When did you two first kiss?” She said, obviously enjoying that her questions were making both boys blush uncontrollably.


“A week ago.” Pierre said quietly.


“Who asked who to be in a relationship?”


“I asked him.” Pierre said, even quieter than the first time.


“How did your parents react to you being gay, Pierre?” She asked.


“Hmmm..they took it alright.” Pierre shrugged.


“How’d dad react, Dave?”


David tensed and his grip on Pierre’s hand tightened. “I haven’t told him.”


“Why not? We’ll tell him today!” She said.


“No!” David said, horrified.


She looked him in the eyes before carefully saying, “Okay.”


After a few minutes of silence the driver stopped and said, “Fifteen even.”


David grabbed his wallet but Pierre quickly pulled out his own money and handed it to the driver. When the driver turned around, Pierre’s heart stopped. He recognized that tourmemting grin, those crooked teeth.


Rob Tillman.


David’s eyes widened as Rob took the money out of Pierre’s hand forecfully and chuckled. “Gay-boy found a boyfriend? Awh, isn’t that cute? Two flaming faggots!” He laughed.


Pierre’s eyes filled with tears, David sat there stunned, but Mary-Kate said, “Excuse me?”


“Get out.” Rob said rudely as he turned back around.


“Fuck you!” Mary-Kate said before getting out of the car, followed by David and Pierre.


Pierre stood there, letting tears fall from his eyes as the cab drove off.


“’s okay.” David said, rubbing a hand on Pierre’s back.


When Pierre didn’t answer, Mary-Kate stepped up and patted Pierre’s arm. “It’s okay, Pierre.”


Pierre kept looking at the ground as he walked through his front door and made a bee-line for the bathroom.


He heard David showing Mary-Kate around, and he sat on the cold tile floor. He started thinking that David would break up with him…after all, no one at school knew David was gay. Plus, he would probably want to date someone much better looking, much…thinner, smarter, cooler. Maybe it would be Sebastien. Or Chuck.


Pierre’s tears fell faster as he popped off his phone case and took out his blade. He stared at it before rolling up his sleeve, and looked at his arm that looked like he’d been attacked by a bear.


He began making deep, slow slashes across his arm when he heard David banging on the door.


“Pierre! You going to come out?” He sounded worried.


Pierre started breathing heavily as he came to a conclusion that David would leave him. Probably for Seb. It was all fake. None of them cared for him.


All of his emotions that he’d been keeping in for years, about his sexuality, Rob, David, friends, his dad, everything in him snapped and he decided to do something about it.


“I’ll be out in a minute.” He called to David. The banging stopped and Pierre waited to hear his footsteps going down the hall before he sprug up. He grabbed a sticky note and a pen that were on the counter and wrote “It was all fake. I’m tired of feeling like this”.


He started crying harder as he grabbed a bottle of pills from the medicine cabnit and slid into a sitting position. He opened the cupboard under the sink and reached into the back and felt around before he felt what he had been hiding there for years: a very, very sharp box cutter.


He sobbed before pouring all the pills into his hand. He stared teary-eyed at them before he tilt back his head and swallowed all of the 18 pills there.


He squeezed his eyes shut before opening the box cutter and pressing with all his might from the left of his wrist to the right, and repeated with the other wrist.


He sobbed as he laid down on the bathroom floor and bled out. Knowing that no one would be able to save him.


“Pierre, I gotta use the bathroom.”


“Pierre…?” He heard outside of the door before his vision blurred and turned black.

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