Hott Baguettes

Pierre got problems in school like any other. But one reason is that he is gay. When he met David his life starts to turn to something better. But one mistakes changes everything...


18. Chapter Eighteen

Seb woke up in a cold sweat from the dream he just had. He had a dream about him and David…doing stuff. He was a little freaked out about it, so he decided to take a shower and calm down, even though he didn’t need to leave for an hour and a half for band practice.


He hopped out of bed and walked to the bathroom in nothing but his boxers. He turned on the hot water and waited for it to warm up. He ran a hand through his hair, his mind still racing about the dream with David. He wasn’t gay. No, no, he had a girlfriend. But why would he have a dream about David doing sexual things to him if he wasn’t gay? He shook his head, pulled down his boxers, and stepped into the hot shower, letting the warm water relax his tense muscles.


After about forty-five minutes in the shower arguing with himself about what the dream meant and then concluding that it didn’t even happen, he stepped onto the bathroom rug. He wiped a blue towel all over his wet body and then tied it around his waist. He brushed his teeth slowly, and then walked back to his room.


After debating about what to do, he decided to head to Chuck’s early. He donned a blue ATTICUS t-shirt, cargo shorts, and some shoes. He spiked up his hair half-heartedly and then grabbe his guitar and slung it over his back.


He quietly exited his house, as to not wake anyone up. Then, he made his way to Chuck’s at a brisk pace, finding himself on the doorstep no longer than four minutes later.


“Hey, man. You’re early.” Chuck said, opening the door shirtless, showing off his toned chest.


Seb quickly adverted his eyes, on edge since the dream with David. “Yeah, I got bored. You mind?”


“Nah, man. Come in.” Chuck stepped aside and Seb walked in, heading straight to their little basement hangout.


After Chuck put a shirt on and the two talked about nothing for about ten minutes, the doorbell rang. Seb waited downstairs, strumming a few chords on his guitar while Chuck went to get it.


Much to Seb’s dismay, David walked down the basement steps, followed by Chuck. “Hey, Sebby.” David greeted, setting his bass down.


“Hey..” Seb said.


“When are the others supposed to be here?” David asked, plugging in his bass to an amp.


“Any minute now.” Chuck said, setting up his drums.


Seb faltered before helping them set up amps.


“Dave…so how was your date with Pierre?” Chuck asked, screwing on his symbol.


David immidiately began blushing and nodded his head, “Good.”


“You get laid, man?”


David’s jaw dropped and he turned a darker shade of red and began stuttering, “I-I, uh, wait, what?”


Seb and Chuck burst into laughter. “Dude, Pierre called me this morning and told me.”


Seb began messing with the volume on an amp as he shuttered, thinking about how David and Pierre had probably done the things Seb and David had done in his dream.


“Hey!” Jeff shouted as he and Pierre walked down the steps.


“Hey!” David squealed like a girl, jumping up and running over to give Pierre a peck on the lips.


“Who let you in? I didn’t even hear the doorbell ring.” Chuck said, sitting down at his drums.


“Your mom.” Jeff said, playfully shoving Pierre and David. “I heard you two finally lost your virginities.” He grinned.


Pierre and David instantly blushed and started stuttering as Jeff, Seb, and Chuck burst into laughter.


After they all stopped, David said awkwardly, “So are we gonna rehearse, then?”


Pierre shook his head as he played with David’s fingers. “Pat isn’t here yet.”


“Why do we need to wait for him?”


“Pat records the rehearal so we can review it later and see how we can improve.” Chuck said, shrugging.


“When is he gonna be here?” Seb asked, sitting as far away from David on the couch as possible.


On cue, the doorbell rang and Jeff got up to answer it. Soon, he returned with Pat, who was holding a video camera and beaming at Pierre and David. “You animals toned it down enough for rehearsal?”


Everyone laughed as Pierre and David blushed. David sighed, already getting sick of the joke. “Let’s just play, man.”


Pat beamed and sat on the edge of the couch, pointing his camera towards where the instruments and five boys were.


“David, you know ‘I’m Just A Kid’ right?” Jeff asked, playing a riff on his guitar.






After practicing for an hour and a half, and everyone realizing that David was a much better bassist than he had let on, all the guys were collapsed on couches.


“Well…that was a good practice.” Jeff said, taking a swig of water.


“Mmhmm. We’re getting really rad.” Chuck commented, smiling.


Seb looked over at David, who was petting Pierre while Pierre had his head on his lap.


“What should we do, then?” Pat asked, fidgeting with his camera.


Everyone was silent for a few moments before Seb spoke up. “We could go to that party that Travis was talkin’ about?”


“Travis who?” David asked, gently stroking Pierre’s adorable cheeks.


“Travis Barker.” Seb shrugged.


“WHAT?!” They all shouted at once.


Seb smirked. “What?”


“When the FUCK did you even MEET Travis Barker?!” Pierre stared at him wide eyed.


“I dunno…I talked to him a while ago and he mentioned this party.” Seb shrugged as if it were nothing.


“Dude! I cannot believe you met THE Travis Barker and didn’t say anything about it!” Chuck said, still in shock.


Seb shrugged again. “Do you guys wanna go or not?”


They all exchanged glances before shouting, “YEAH!”


Seb smiled and they all got up and walked out of the house, to Travis Barker’s party.

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