Hott Baguettes

Pierre got problems in school like any other. But one reason is that he is gay. When he met David his life starts to turn to something better. But one mistakes changes everything...


8. Chapter Eight

David sat at Seb’s desk, his face blank. The previous days had been very eventful.


David’s eyes brimmed with tears as he remembered how deep Pierre’s cuts had been. He would have never guessed Pierre to self harm, he was too happy.


They had all ditched and went to Chuck’s house, where Pierre broke down and cried in each of his friends’ arms. David had panicked when Pierre became clingy to him towards the end of the night, but got used to holding him.


After Pierre had cried himself to sleep on David’s lap, the guys told him the story. Pierre had been self harming for two years after struggling with his sexuality and had stopped two months earlier.


They all crashed at Chuck’s and the next day all walked to school together, and Pierre seemed very distant, but a lot happier than he had the day before. But at the end of the day, Pierre was all energetic and kept talking about a note he had gotten in his locker for the second Friday in a row.


Now it was Saturday, the day David was going to see Simple Plan live for the very first time. He hoped Pierre would be alright.


“David?” Chuck called.


David got up and walked into Seb’s kitchen where the guys were waiting. Pierre was being force-fed by Jeff and his cheeks were stuffed with pastries.


David smiled at how adorable Pierre looked. When Seb saw him staring at Pierre, Seb wriggled his eyebrows and made David burst into laughter.


“What time do we have to leave?” Jeff asked, handing David a custard pie.


“We should probably leave now….are the instruments in the van already?” Chuck asked.


Seb nodded and all five boys made their way out to Jeff’s van and climbed in. David was right in between Pierre and Seb. Pierre looked at David’s hands that were rested on his knees and slowly extended his hand and rested it on top of David’s. David blushed a very deep shade of pink and looked up at Pierre and they made intense eye contact and for the first time, David saw pain and hurt in Pierre’s eyes along with the normal tenderness.


Their moment was interrupted when Seb stroked David’s arm and when David jumped, Seb Chuck and Jeff burst into laughter.


When David had jumped, it knocked Pierre’s hand off of his, and Pierre now had his hands rested on his lap looking out the window. David saw a tear escape the corner of Pierre’s eyes and gently reached out and grabbed Pierre’s hand.





After Simple Plan’s performance, the guys rejoined David at a small little table drenched in sweat.


“That. Was. Amazing!” David shouted, bouncing up and down.


Chuck beamed, but the rest looked too tired.


“What was your favorite song?” Chuck asked.


“Probably…’I’m Just A Kid’.”


David noticed that Pierre was staring at him intently, and the other guys noticed too because they all grumbled and went off to dance or drink.


Pierre scooted closer to David and smiled at him.


David smiled back and asked softly, “You doing okay?”


Pierre exhaled and nodded.


“Do you wanna talk about it?”


Pierre shook his head. After a few moments of silence he asked David, “Do you drink?”


David shrugged. “Sometimes.”


Pierre smirked. “Wanna get a few drinks?”


David’s eyes widened, “How do you expect to get served alcohol? You’re only 17!”


Pierre’s smirk widened as he said, “Since we let them pay us half of what we should be getting, we get free drinks.”


David smiled. “Alright.”


Forty minutes later, they were both pretty drunk. They had taken at least fifteen shots each, and they were sloppily dancing with each other in the corner of the club while Seb, Chuck, and Jeff were in the opposite side of the room with four different girls.


After the song ended, Pierre staggered into the men’s bathroom with David following.


Pierre began looking around the bathroom and then sighed, and slid into a sitting position.


“Whatsss wrong Pierreeeee?” David slurred as he fell over Pierre’s legs and sat next to him.


“You like me.” Pierre said, staring straight ahead.


That seemed to make David more alert and he stiffened at looking at Pierre cautiously. “What about it?”


Pierre shrugged. “How could you like ME?”


David stared at him, trying to think of an answer, but the alcohol had slowed down his thinking process greatly.


“I mean, you’re soooo nice and smart and funnyyy and I’m just not. And I have these ugly things!” Pierre said in a slurred, frusturated voice as he yanked up his sleeve.


David grabbed his arm and lifted it to his mouth, giving Pierre’s cuts small, tender kisses.


“You are the most AMAZING person I ‘ave ever met.” David said simply kissing Pierre’s cheek.


Pierre looked at him as if he had just spoken some foreign language. Then he slowly leaned in and pressed his lips gently against David’s.

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