Its Destiny (a Michael fanfic)

Hi I'm lissy and ever since i was thirteen i have been obsessed with 5sos especial Michael i have always dreamt of marrying him but i knew it would never happen my mum and dad didn't really take notice of me only my brother logan did so i was really shy and kind of kept to myself and so when i moved to Brighton to build a new life i never expected to meet the guy i have always loved xx


1. the start of something new

Hi I'm Lissy and this is my story about how dreams can come true

I live in England in Brighton Im a massive fan of 5sos and i have been since i w

as thirteen i have always had a crush on Michael even though he is six years older than me but hey. When i was about thirteen fourteen i use to pretend that Michael was my boyfriend and that we would get married but when i got older i new that was never going to happen. I moved to Brighton and started my career as a successful youtube witch so far is going really well. Today i was going to the video store in Brighton town i loved playing video games witch most people though where strange for girls but hey....... I walked into the shop said hi to my brother Logan who worked there and went over to the video games "you have been her 3 timed in a week you must really miss me" i turned around to see my brother had a big smirk on him face "nah but i do really miss video games" the i smirked at him and turned back around to the video games "YOU REALLY HURT MY FEELINGS" he shout from across the shop "IM SORRY I LOVE YOU" I shouted back lots of people where now staring "GOOD" he said before it all went silent.


I wanted to go to the games shop while we were stopped off in Brighton and Ash came with me once we arrived i walked over to the games and started looking " Hey Miley" Ash said and i turned around and raised and eye brow "see that girl over there shes cute don't you think plus i thinks shes into video games" My attention now on the mystery girl that was holding two video games "WOW shes hot" i said not taking my eyes off her. I wanted to know who she was so i walked up to one of the staff i think his name was logan and said "hey sorry to bother you but do you know that girl over there with the blonde long curly hair does she come here often" he raised an eye brow at me and then giggled "well if you don't know then you obviously don't come here often and yeah thats my sister Lissy she comes here about 4 times a week she loves video games so much i never really got my sister but hey" so from one question i got a lot of answers now i was just debating wether to talk to her or not i walked over to Ash and told him what i found out. "You should go talked to her you never know she could be the one" Ash said.

Hope you liked it guys next part coming up soon xx

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