Its Destiny (a Michael fanfic)

Hi I'm lissy and ever since i was thirteen i have been obsessed with 5sos especial Michael i have always dreamt of marrying him but i knew it would never happen my mum and dad didn't really take notice of me only my brother logan did so i was really shy and kind of kept to myself and so when i moved to Brighton to build a new life i never expected to meet the guy i have always loved xx


4. the morning after

Michael POV

I woke up trying to adjust to my surroundings then i looked down and saw Lissy with her head lying on my chest oh thats right i stayed at hers last night. She started to stir just then her beautiful blue eyes flutter open "Morning princess" i said i feel like i have known this girl my hole life she jut has that effect on me that i will never be abel to shake "Morning" god dammit he morning voice is hot.

~the after noon i took her to my house to meet the boys~

We walked through the door with our finger intertwined and we were greeted by Ashton he pulled Lissy away from me and into a hug witch made me kind of jealous but i know shes mine "HEY LISSY" Ash shouted "HI ASHTON" She shouted back omg all i could think was how adorable this girl was "come on lets go meet Calum and Luke" i said pulling her away from Ashton and into the living room where Calum and luke where on there phones "guys this is ermmm...." I stop half way though i didn't know weather she was ready for me to call her my girlfriend but just then she said "His girlfriend Lissy" i was happy she wants me to call her that "and Lissy this is-" i was cut off by her. Saying "Calum aka Cal and Luke aka dr fluke or penguin" i smiled at what she said it was a bit creepy but hey "sorry" she said with her head down "you know who we are and our nicknames?" Luke questioned her "OMG YES I FUCKING LOVE YOUR BAND....oh wait did i just say that out loud" she did it again she got over excited but it was cute to me. She was blushing hard i jut pulled her into a hug and giggled "its fine its kind of cute" Cal said i sent him a glare and he through his hands in the air "And you are incredibly hot" Cal said okay now i swear he is doing this to piss me off "SHUT UP CALUM SHES MINE" i said chasing him around the house i could hear her giggling behind me.

Lissy POV

"Hello there my fello penguin friend" Luke said witch made me giggle he pulled me into a hug and all i could hear in the background was Michael shouting at Cal "YOU FUCKING TAKE THAT BACK DONT YOU DARE CALL MY GIRLFRIEND HOT OR EVER LAY EYES ON HER AGAIN" i found it really cute and funny cause i know that Cal was doing it to purposely piss Michael off but hey. I decide it would be funny to join there argument so i walked into the kitchen Cal on one side of the island and Michael on the other i walked over to Cal and started to tease Michael by saying "DONT SHOUT AT CALUM HES HOT" they know I'm joking i mean yeah calums alright but i like Michael. suddenly Michael picked me up and walked outside to the pool "SAY YOU LOVE ME MORE THAN CAL OR YOUR GOING IN THIS POOL" he said in a playfully mad voice "NEVER" i shouted "okay your choice" he whispered in my ear "okay but your coming with me" i said he pushed me in and i pulled him down with me "NOOOO" i hear him scream i just laughter at how silly he was being. We stood face to face in the pool "you do love me more than Cal don't you" he said with a shaky voice "of course" i said kissing him passionately all i could hear where wolf whistles i only just met these guys and they already are my world especially Michael he makes me a kind if happy i have never been before.

Hope u like it next part up soon maybe tomorrow or later on tonight xxxxxx ~LISSY CLIFFORD

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