Its Destiny (a Michael fanfic)

Hi I'm lissy and ever since i was thirteen i have been obsessed with 5sos especial Michael i have always dreamt of marrying him but i knew it would never happen my mum and dad didn't really take notice of me only my brother logan did so i was really shy and kind of kept to myself and so when i moved to Brighton to build a new life i never expected to meet the guy i have always loved xx


6. the ex

Lissy POV

I woke up in Michaels bed with no clothes on due to us falling asleep while changing everything felt complete. "Morning princess" Michael said looking me up and down i just laughed at him.

Michael POV

Just then Calum walked in without knocking and because Lissy was only in here underwear i jumped on top of her and shouted "DONT LOOK AT HER OR I WILL KILL YOU CALUM" while pulling the covers over her body I could Tell Calum had a little bit of a crush on her and she was mine so i defiantly wasn't going to let anyone let a lone Calum see her half naked "IM SORRY BUT I WAS JUST COMING TO SAY WE DONT HAVE TO GO TO THE STUDIO CHANGE OF PLAN WE ARE GOING TOMORROW AND LISSY BTW YOU LOOK REALLY HOT" Calum said running away i was about to get up and chase him when Lissy pulled me back and said "Stay just leave him he is only trying to piss you off please stay" i couldn't say no to that cuddling in bed with Lissy was way better than beating Calums ass up even though i want to so badly i got back into bed and pulled her in my chest "do you want to watch a movie?" I asked she nodded her head and the hole day was spent cuddling watching movies.

Lissy POV

I woke up in bed alone but when i rolled over i rolled on a note i picked it up and read it 'had to go to the studio and you looked like a sleeping beauty so i didn't want to wake you up i will pick you up from yours at 8 i have something planned don't dress up just wear something warm and casual love u xx - Mikey p.s oh and pack a bag for 3 nights away' awww thats so sweet but where could we possibly be going. So its 10am now that means i have 9 hours so i may as well go shopping for things for my flat. I got dressed wearing one of Mikeys tops that he probably would need later but hey,my skinny jeans and black vans i grabbed my keys and headed out not really cearing if i looked like crap.

~at the shopping centre~

I was walking when i bumped into someone oh shit it was my ex that also treated me like dirt like the rest of my family i hoped he didn't recognise me "oh hey Lissy its been ages you haven't returned any of my calls" "err yeah Ermm Jake hi and i got a new phone" new phone Lissy seriously was that the best you could come up with "look anyway i just wanted to say i've changed and i want to get back together with you" i didn't know what to say but then i saw Mikey walk into Starbucks with the boys so i decided to say "lets talk in Starbucks" hoping he would agree so i could go over to Mikey I ran into Starbucks and walked over to the boys Jake far behind following me "oh hey Princess" "hey Michael ermm....." How did i say this "whats up babe" "m-my ex boyfriend is following me and asked to get back together with me Help" i could feel Michael tense up as i told him that.

Michael POV

I was tensing up her ex wants to get back together with her and is practically stalking her "Calm down I'm not going to leave you for anyone i promise specially not that jack ass" she whispered I'm my ear I'm guessing the guy that was walking up to use was him "hey Lissy there you are look please can we just get back together" OMG did he just say that in front of me i pulled Lissy behind me and stood in front of this guy "hey Im Michael Lissy Boyfriend so i would appreciate it if you felt her alone" Lissy and the guys were giggling at me cause i was going red with anger "oh I'm sorry i will just go then" as he walked off he sent a glare Lissy's way she pulled me into a hug and said "thank you for saving me from him i better get going so you at 8" "anything for you princess and are you sure you'll be okay?" "Im sure" she said kissing me passionately as she was walking away the boys all shouted "HEY WERES OUR KISS" i sent a glare there way and they all through there hands up in the air but she came up to then and kissed then on the check and kissing me on the lips again.

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