Its Destiny (a Michael fanfic)

Hi I'm lissy and ever since i was thirteen i have been obsessed with 5sos especial Michael i have always dreamt of marrying him but i knew it would never happen my mum and dad didn't really take notice of me only my brother logan did so i was really shy and kind of kept to myself and so when i moved to Brighton to build a new life i never expected to meet the guy i have always loved xx


2. is this really happening

Lissy POV

I was looking for some more video games when someone tapped me on the shoulder i turned around and saw Michael omg its Actually Michael and he is coming to talk to me wait lissy stop over think stop jumping to conclusions i said to myself trying to calm down.

"Ermm...Hi im Michael i was.....Ermm my friend.....Well i was just think u look really pretty" Michael Fucking clifford just called me pretty a unpopular girl from Luton was now being told by her crush for 5 years that she was pretty.... OMG i was screaming inside. "Thank u....Ermm your in that band 5 seconds of summer" trying to pretend that i didn't really know that much about him when really i knew every little detail "Ermmm yes how did u know" he said scratching the back of his neck. "HOW DID I KNOW OMG I LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH OMG I......YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME" wait shit did i just say that out loud now he probably thinks I'm a freak great lissy u idiot we stay silent for a moment. "Ermmm...that was awkward sorry i just....Please don't think I'm a freak" i say with my head down.

Michael POV

Wow this girl really like our band it caught me by surprised i think the hole shop was looking at us because she shouted so loud but it was kinda cut "no don't worry about it we've had worse plus i think its kinda cute" i say giggling after i can she her cheeks blush as she hides behind the video games do i decide to change the subject "you like video games?" I ask I'm hoping she says yes cause omg if she did i need to get know this girl more "ermm.. Yeah i love video games you may think its a bit weird not many girls play video games" "are you kidding me i think girls that play video games are fucking adorable" oh shit did i just say that out loud oh dear she giggles as i feel my cheeks heat up.

Lissy POV

"so I'm adorable huh" i say to him seeing him get redder i giggle again i cant stop giggling i don't know why i just feel like for the first time in forever I'm really happy "well..Ermm yeah and i know we just met but i think you're cute and i was wondering if your free could i maybe take you out tonight or something" my heart melts did this just happen is this real did Michael Clifford just ask me out on a date i giggle OMG again stop with the giggling Lissy i say to myself "id love that" i say handing him my phone number and address "yay and oh i never got your name pretty girl" he says "its lissy" "SWEET NAME LISSY SEE YOU LATER" he shouts running off got i love that boy.

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