Its Destiny (a Michael fanfic)

Hi I'm lissy and ever since i was thirteen i have been obsessed with 5sos especial Michael i have always dreamt of marrying him but i knew it would never happen my mum and dad didn't really take notice of me only my brother logan did so i was really shy and kind of kept to myself and so when i moved to Brighton to build a new life i never expected to meet the guy i have always loved xx


3. date night

Lissy POV

I was already ready about an hour ago its not that Mikey was late its just i couldn't just come home and not get ready i was took excited and it took me a long time to choose what to wear i didn't really own a dress so i had my black skater Skirt, a white ripped band tee,my leather jacket and some black wedges. I was snapped out of my thoughts when the door bell rang i jumped up and was greeted by Michael with a huge smile on his face he was wearing black skinny jeans,black boots,a white ripped band tee wait it was the Same as mine and a red flannel "ready to go" he said "yeah.....i love your t-shirt" i said hoping he had noticed mine to and he did "i like your to" he said with a smirk on his face and giggling.

~in the car just arrived~

Michael POV

I would let her take the blindfold off as we drove but she kept whining saying that she wanted to know. "Were here but don't take it off yet" i said to her i went to her side of the car and opened the door i took her hand in mine and lead her to where we were going "don't let go of me" she said her breath hitchy i could tell she was scared i was gonna run off and leave her so i simply replied with "never"

Lissy POV

"You can take it off now" Mikey said and in front of me was a picnic under two trees that were lit up with fairy lights omg this boy is the best "awww Michael you didn't have to do this" i said really shocked "i did though cause well ermm i really like you and i have never met anyone like you before and i mean well ash told me and i think that you may be the one i have been waiting so long for" i just ran over to him and hugged him

~later on and getting to know each other~

Lissy POV

" so how old are you?" He asked i panicked he's 24 and I'm 18 what if i tell him and he gets completely grossed out Michael watched me intently then i realised i still hadn't answered "i-im 1-18" i said he just said "okay cool so whats your story love".

My my story well my story is my parents always liked Logan more but that didn't break our bond my dad started to get drunk and abused me at the age of 16 my parents don't live together but i don't really talk about my mum she is always to busy with my younger half brother Harry(not harry styles) so when i was 18 i could wait to live by myself i wasn't that popular and in year 10 i got a lot of hate and still do cause I'm a youtuber so that drove me to self harm.

but i didn't want to tell Michael that so i just simply said "im a youtuber my parents don't live together i got some hate in school i a full brother called logan the one that works in the video shop and i have four half brothers called luke(not luke hemmings),Christian,Adian and well Harry so whats your story?" I said not that i actually had to ask i know everything about him and he knew that "well you know my story so im not going to repeat it" he said with a laugh

~the end of the night~

Lissy POV

Michael drove me home but then he realised he forgot his house key for his apartment her shares with the boys in London about 30 minutes away and the boys will be out all night so i let him stay at mine for the night i was really tired when i got in so i let Michael upstairs and got into bed i had only just moved out 2 days ago so it was pretty empty in my house Michael just stood there at the door looking at me "you can come sleep next to me i don't bite" "are you sure i can sleep on the sofa" he said walking closer to me "i only moved in 2 days ago i don't have a sofa" i said patting the space beside me Michael took off his shoes top and flannel and hopped on next to me leaving his skinnys on but i really wish he took them off i lay my head on his chest and he rapped his arm around my waist and with that i was asleep in his arms that was the best feeling ever

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