With A Rose

Ok this is ma 1st fan fiction so please comment what i need to improve on and what u like, will update regularly ��

My name is Charlotte Rose
My best friend is luke and weve known eachother since nurcery and we have been best friends since well we met

But ever since about 2 years ago ive started to have feelings for him and ive had to keep it a secret from him and its been really hard

One day i was heading outa my house to go to school and Luke was there on my doorstep, with a rose in his hands


4. The Water Park

Lukes POV

"She dosnt need to know" i replied

I really wanted to go to the water park with Charlotte but Maddie us soooo overprotective and its so annoying, im not in love with that girl, i havnt been for weeks but i just cant brake up with her, but i need to, i really do.

Charlottes POV

"Are you sure, she might ask or somthing" i was exited but worried about going to the Water Park with Luke but i knew if Maddie found out id be done for

"She wont find out Charlotte, look it will be fine, il pick you up in ma car in 30 mins ok and we can go to the one near the opera house"

"Yay ok then see ya then byeee"


I put down my phone and headed to my bedroom to get changed into ma bikini. I put on a white with black stripes on ruffled bikini and threw a top over it to travel in sliped on ma flip-flops sorted out ma bag and waited outside for Luke to come.

Lukes POV

I got into the car and started to drive to Charlottes, luckey it was only a few blocked away because i knew that soon the traffic would kick in the main town and we would never get there

I pulled op at Charlottes to see her sitting outside looking flawless, god she was sexy.

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