With A Rose

Ok this is ma 1st fan fiction so please comment what i need to improve on and what u like, will update regularly ��

My name is Charlotte Rose
My best friend is luke and weve known eachother since nurcery and we have been best friends since well we met

But ever since about 2 years ago ive started to have feelings for him and ive had to keep it a secret from him and its been really hard

One day i was heading outa my house to go to school and Luke was there on my doorstep, with a rose in his hands


5. Shut down

Lukes POV

We arrived at the water park and headed towards the gates, but something wasnt right, there was nobody around, there was a sighn on the gates it read:

Sydney waterpark has shut down

Please do not try to enter

Sorry for any inconvienance

Charlottes face droped, my heart sank

"What do we do now?" She asked

"Ummm i dunno, we could go and get a takeaway pizza and go bak to mine and go in my pool?" I replied

"Sure that sounds nice"

We got to Pizza Express and ordered a large margarite pizza to go and sat down to wait.

"Can we go get a starbuks aswell Luke im feeling like a cotton candy frappe and also its just next door" Charlotte asked

I agread as our order was called out we grabed our pizzas went next dorr and got a starbuks and went bak to mine.

As soin as Charlotte got into my house she screamed


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