The Mistakes I've made

A collection of poems based on regret
©Parsavagely 2014 - 2015


6. What's wrong?

"Nothing, nothing's wrong,"
I wave concern away,
While I see their faces in grey-scale.

"I'm fine, just stop worrying,"
I mutter, to them?
Or to myself, to persuade my own mind?

"It's OK, honestly,"
I lie to all,
While the world closes in around my head.

"Leave me alone, it's nothing,"
I scream as my legs give way,
They gather, I try to hide from their curious eyes.

"Nothing, nothing's wrong,"
I whisper on the ground,
Curling up to shield my ears from the echoes of confusion.

"Everything's going to be fine,"
I tell myself, forceful now,
I bat away the doubt that invades my mind.

But still there is no light, 
I am not blind, but I can't see,
I am not angry, but rage builds,
Finally I snap,
A fist,
"Stop asking."



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