The Mistakes I've made

A collection of poems based on regret
©Parsavagely 2014 - 2015


2. The Coldest

The last pair of eyes,

Reflect my heavy heart,

As the last, sorry words,

Crush my grateful smile.


The final one who cares,

Leaves my life again.


I return to join The Coldest.


The end of gentle words,

To calm my panicked mind,

The end of just in time,

To stop me doing the worst.


The only saving grace,

Has nothing left to give.


I return to join The Coldest.


Another one has gone,

Away from my unrest,

Another loss is blamed on me,

Despite my desperate attempts.


With no reason to try,

I pursued and missed my goal,


I return to join The Coldest,

And I know it's my fault.



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