Every rose has it's thorn

Trinity Fitzstephen is the daughter of Lord Hugo and Lady Finnula Fitzstephen, Lord and Lady of Stephensgate manor. Trinity is called the 'Rose of Stephensgate' but every rose has it's thorn.

(This is based on /my/ idea of the events after 'Ransom My Heart' by Meg Cabot)


1. Trinity

In a cool stone solar, in the west wing of Stephensgate manor, stood a girl, around the age of fifteen. Curly red hair swayed down her slender back, just touching the top of her waist. Her eyes a golden honey colour in the sunlight and a darkened hazel in the dark. She wore a light riders shirt and braises.

This was Trinity Fitzstephen, daughter of Lord Hugo and Lady Finnula of Stephensgate manor. She also had an older half-brother Jamie, son of Hugo and his childhood sweetheart.

Trinity herself was a strong headed, slender, brave girl. The perfect mix of her parents genes. Her long red hair was from her mother, her golden eyes of her father and her body an almost perfect replica of her mother again. Her personality was also a good mix, she was strong headed, exactally like Hugo, witty like Finnula and brawny like both. Sadly, her brawn didn't show in her body.

A small knock was heard upon the wooden door to her solar. "Who is it? Come in" she spoke swiftly and with purpose. A maid walked in and her mouth hung seeing the girl in her attire. "Um, his lordship and her ladyship wish to see you miss" she spoke meekly.

Trinity turned, her hair whipping behind her like a flame. "Tell them I shall be there anon" she looked at the maid as if she was judging her, looking her up and down. The maid nodded and scurried away.

She changed quickly, from the light shirt and braises to a bodice and dress. The dress was a dark red, almost blood colour, and the bodice underneath was a white one, bordering on cream from the wear of it.

She slipped on a pair of pumps and swiftly made her way to her mother and father. Her father, Lord Hugo was a well built man, tall, muscular and tan from many battles in the crusades. Her mother, Lady Finnula or Fair Finn was a slender woman, her wit was that if a fox and she was the best shot with a bow in all of Shropshire.

Trinity herself envied her mother for the skill, she herself loved the bow and was witty with a sword, a knife, however was something she was yet to handle.

Appearing in front of her mother and father, along with her brother. She curtsied slightly before standing straight. "You wished to see me, father, mother" she nodded at both as she addressed them.

Hugo was the first to speak. His voice for his family was different from the one for public use, it was slightly softer and less, Earl like. "Yes my dear Trinity, your mother and I were just discussing your choice of suitor" he nodded gently.

Jamie smiled at him as Trinity looked confused. "Suitor father? But what for?" She was shocked, but not stupid, she really wanted to hear them say it for herself.

This time Finnula spoke. Her mothers voice was gentle but strong. "A suitor for marriage of course" she said as if her daughter should have known.

Trinity's mouth dropped and her golden eyes widened. "Marriage?!"

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