Every rose has it's thorn

Trinity Fitzstephen is the daughter of Lord Hugo and Lady Finnula Fitzstephen, Lord and Lady of Stephensgate manor. Trinity is called the 'Rose of Stephensgate' but every rose has it's thorn.

(This is based on /my/ idea of the events after 'Ransom My Heart' by Meg Cabot)


2. To kill a butterfly

"Yes marriage my dear" Hugo sighed. He stood from his chair and held his daughters shoulder. "You need to marry, as you are the only legitimate heir to Stephensgate" he said.

The 'Rose' glared at her father. "I do not want to marry some nobody no-name you have set me up with!" She said angrily, the same tone her mother used in anger. Her honey eyes flared with anger and her mouth was a small straight line.

Finnula scowled. "You need to marry dearest. You, as your father said, are the only true heir, and they will not be some no name, they will be an honoured knight or well known man" she said sternly.

Trinity turned her glare to her mother. The one woman she knew hated the fact of getting married before she married Trinity's father of course. So, Finnula should know where it comes from.

A high pitched squeal? Came from the mistress of the manor as she turned on her heels, her red hair swung behind her at a speed it seemed, that it could hurt someone. Hugo watched his daughter with a mix of astonishment, anger and pride. The girl was witty, strong headed and brave, which reminded him of his very love, Fair Finn, her mother.

Trinity stormed from the room, hair and dress following in a quick flurry behind her. She strode into her solar and in a quick minute was back in her shirt, boots and braises. Her hair was quickly combed back, but still hung at her shoulders.

The 'Rose of Stephensgate' walked into the stables, anger radiating to her surroundings. Her own horse stood proudly beside her mother's mare and her father's steed. Trinity's horse was a mare of no doubt, but she had the fight of a good steed.

She jumped on and gave the stable boy a curt nod, stopping to talk to him before her ride. "The on'y lady I've seen wearin' 'at would be your mother, you're a fine pictur' o' her" the brunet smiled at her. Trinity only scowled back. " 'ead up miss, life coulda' been worse" he chuckled and she rode away.

Appearing again at almost sun down, Trinity wore a grin. She had shot perfectly and her sword skills were improving a lot. The stable boy frowned. He wouldn't meet her eye as she got of the back of Flame, her mare and his head hung low as she left, still.

Upon arriving back in the manor, Trinity was met with a fair sight. Her parents were fuming and her brother was pacing, all the while the sheriff tried to calm them down.

She cleared her throat to show she had arrived back. At once all eyes fell on her and her cheeks flamed a right blush . "You have finally returned I see, with a blush on your features, does that mean you have lost your maidenhead?" Trinity's mother asked, more like threatened.

"First you force marriage on me, then you accuse me of losing my maidenhead! I am speechless! I thought I was trusted enough to become the heir of this manor" she said, her voice laced with a mix of anger, distrust and use.

Hugo decided he had had enough of the two most precious women in his life fighting. He stood between their line of sight on the other and spoke gently. "Trinity go to your solar, Finnula calm down" he said trying to not bring his sword out to threaten.

Trinity did as she was told and disappeared to her solar. The fire was lit, burning a bright red, as her hair and her bath was ready. She stripped off her clothing and sank into the warm water. A maid appeared not to long after to help her wash. After it was all finished and she was dressed in her night robe she slipped into her bed.

The maid left and she pulled the wolf skin over her. Her golden-hazel eyes shut and she sighed contently. It had been one more eventful day for the 'rose of Stephensgate'.

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