Every rose has it's thorn

Trinity Fitzstephen is the daughter of Lord Hugo and Lady Finnula Fitzstephen, Lord and Lady of Stephensgate manor. Trinity is called the 'Rose of Stephensgate' but every rose has it's thorn.

(This is based on /my/ idea of the events after 'Ransom My Heart' by Meg Cabot)


3. The 'Rose'

Trinity was called the 'rose of Stephensgate'. The reason for that is her hair. Her hair was a fiery red with lighter highlights and was usually covered in grass. She would spend so much time outside that leaves and grass would sit and stay in her hair.

Another reason she was called the 'rose of Stephensgate' would be her upbringing. She was brought up to be a beautiful lady, but she acted more like a foolish boy. Really, anyone could blame her father or mother.

Trinity awoke the next morning. Her fire was out and her solar was slightly cold. She jumped out of her bed and stripped of her night gown. Changing quickly into a light dress and hurried to the dining room.

Waiting on her were her mother, father brother and her mother's siblings, the Crais'. Her eyes widened in shock slightly, it was rare her uncles and aunts visit the manor. She nodded slightly at them.

Her mother smiled gently and she sighed. "Trinity sit down please" she said gently. Trinity did as she was told and sat in her assigned seat. Her back was straight and her mouth was a gentle, but forced smile. It wasn't that she didn't love her family but after the problems of yesterday she didn't really want to see anyone.

"Your mother brought your aunts and uncles here to discus the subject of your marriage" Hugo finally spoke up. Jamie then stood and ran off. Trinity watched him, wishing it could be her running in his place. "But father, I am only fifteen, that is not a possible marriageable age" she pouted hoping to win her 'papa' over with childishness.

Finnula sighed. "Trinity, I know you dislike the subject but it is something we have to talk about, even before you are eligible" she nodded. Trinity's aunt Mellana then stood.

"Finn, how about you give her two years, and if she has not fallen in love and the boy has not asked for her hand, then she shall be wed to someone?" She asked. Mellana had some sense, Trinity smiled, someone in the family knew something.

Finn frowned, but on the other hand, Hugo smiled. "That's a wonderful idea, she will be more eligible and she has more freedom" he nodded happily.

That was when it was decided, Trinity had two years to fall in love and for her boy to ask for her hand, or she will be wed to a knight. Trinity thought, who would love her? And who would she love?

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