Every rose has it's thorn

Trinity Fitzstephen is the daughter of Lord Hugo and Lady Finnula Fitzstephen, Lord and Lady of Stephensgate manor. Trinity is called the 'Rose of Stephensgate' but every rose has it's thorn.

(This is based on /my/ idea of the events after 'Ransom My Heart' by Meg Cabot)


5. Love?

After her talk with her father, Trinity was sitting, well standing, in the stables talking to her horse, Flame. "Oh Flame, if only I could ask you for advice, I would ask the maid, but they chatter I heard one of them talking about Jamie and his girl, Mistress Gabriela" she sighed as she absentmindedly stroked the hazel mares mane.

The horse whinnied as if to give an answer and the flame headed 'Rose' smiled. "I could give ya advice if ya wan'" the stable boy perked up, as if he had appeared out of no where. Trinity looked at him, her eyes sparkled slightly.

The stable boy had floppy brown hair, with small pieces of grass and other natural materials in it. His blue eyes shone happily against his grubby face, but even through the grub, you could still see the blush staining his hard working cheeks.

She shook her head slightly. "I'm pretty sure you couldn't help me" she sighed. He walked up to her and smiled gently. "Throw it at me, I can deal with anything" he nodded and she smiled back at him.

Running a hand through her red hair she sighed once again. "My parents have told me if I do not fall in love and the boy does not ask for my hand in two years I will have to marry the person they set me up with" she explained.

He watched her with interest. "Well, I would say get to know someone you see as a worthy husband, then you never know things may lead to love" he pouted slightly in thought. "Well I guess you're right...um...uh" she blanked at his name.

The stable boy stuck his hand out. "Matthew Gregor, at your service miss" he smiled lopsidedly. Trinity took his hand and shook it. "Trinity, Trinity Fitzstephen" she smiled at him brightly and giggled slightly.

A loud slam was heard as the large wooden doors of the manor were flung open. "Lady Trinity!!" A voice shouted and Trinity turned. "It was lovely to meet you Matthew, but I must go" she smiled to him before running away. "You too miss, you too" he shouted as she ran.

Appearing back in the manor she was told to get ready for dinner, more time with her family. 'Great' she thought.

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