stupid 1D fan fiction moments!

ok so this is just my opinion on things!


3. stupid

dude i think everyone in fan fictions are anorexic because they never eat unless their on a date.

I would literally love to live in a fan fiction because we never get periods or homework there and we only shower and have free time 99% of the time at school, hehehe (really bitch. really).

Harry or Niall mostly is the bad boy in the story and only has sex with girls and is a player but then a girl comes to town and changes his life and shes always not girly but looks like a model and always bla bla bla, it could be different right, you know the girl could be the player and one of the boys tames her just saying.

its always a short name like Anna, Emma, Emily, Bell, Tina etc.

it's always white girls never a Chinese one or a Filipino or a mixed race or black.

her mom and dad Dies in a car Accident when she was 3, its always when she was 3 years old and in a car accident and weird is it that they never visit their graves, nice child huh?

The girl is always a virgin, white, blue eyes, long hair, and don't wear makeup but looks like a model and really in insecure. 

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