stupid 1D fan fiction moments!

ok so this is just my opinion on things!


2. stupid

Sometimes I see a book cover where Harry is the cover and then everything is about Niall, like I don't get it........


When the writer have not updated in like 2 or 3 days shes/hes all like: OMG I'm so so freakig sorry that i have not updated for so long time, I'm the worst human being) Oh come on, thats not long at all, Once i didn't update on anything in 2 or 3 months (true) thats the moment when you say: I'm sorry that i have not updated in a long while.

                                                                                                                                                             Every time or almost every time the girl is abused my her Boyfriend or mom and dad or by her own school. Like WTF If I had a boyfriend who abused me I would freaking run away or call the police but for some reason when that girl lives in London and she has a Boyfriend who abuses her and she run away to Paris is seems like her boyfriend always finds her. WHAT!?! how could one stupid boy who lives in London find a girl in Paris if she didn't tell anyone?


Almost all the time It's Harry and Niall who fights for a girl like I don't get it what about the other boys?


When One Direction kidnap a fan they almost all the time rape them in the Fan Fics and the next moment she fall's for the one who raped her and treated her the worst and he fall's for her and then they just forget about it and start to talk about getting kids and stuff, I just don't get it and Why would you even kidnap a fan?!? like WTF.


In almost all the fan fictions The girl says "OMG I'm so fat and Ugly I look like I'm pregnant" when she looks like a FREAKING MODEL! and everyone tells her that shes not fat and not Ugly ans she don't belive it. BITCH PLEAS!


Normal eye color in fan fictions: Blue, Brown. Um Hello we have Hazel, Green, Grey, almost black color and much more.


Normal hair In fanfictions: Wavy. We Have more duh


"Most normal hairstyles in fanfictions: Messy bun, Messy ponytail. we still have more hairstyles than that.





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