stupid 1D fan fiction moments!

ok so this is just my opinion on things!


1. stupid

It seems like everytime One or everyone of the boys fall in love a girl just by looking at her, yes maybe shes beautiful but still.


I've been reading so many storys where the story goes like this: I walked over to starbucks, and i saw harry, harry looked me in the eyes and smiled, he walked over to me and kissed me "I know your the right one" He says. and it ends up with that she gets pregnant the day after or the chapter after, and the next moment their man and wife.


"He planted a kiss on my lips" WTF you can't plant kisses on people.. or anywhere.


Short messeges like: "OMG! Hi Ni I <3 u SFM xoxo <3 u" sometimes i don't understand a shit of what they say, Any one else? 



Every single girl Lives in : London, America, LA, Australia, NYC, um Hello there is also Italy, Norway, Spain and a lot more. 



I just get annoyed when the Movellas that I read starts like)"mom I'm going on tour with one direction" I yelled while running to the door. "ok" mom replied.   (or) "mom I'm pregnant with Harry Styles" I said to my mom. "ok hope the baby will be ok" She said. "me to" I replied.) I know My mom would have fucking killed me like damn.


To many storys that had SEX in it are free for everyone to read, come on its like freaking 10 year old girls and boys Movellas. 




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