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1. luvjoshhutcherson's One-Shot

Set Up


AU (Alternate Universe) Description:

Voldemort is defeated and most Death Eaters have gone into hiding (Not the Malfoys)

Ignores Deathly Hallows and Half-Blood Prince.

6th Year

Adds luvjoshhutcherson's character:

Name: Marissa Volheim
Age: 14
Year: 6
House: Slytherin 
Appearance: Shoulder length brown hair, hazel eyes, pale skin.
Personality: Very sarcastic, clever, mysterious, rebellious.

It'll be from her P.O.V

I hope you enjoy!



"Miss Volheim, would you be so kind as to refrain from dozing off in my class." I jumped as Professor Snape scowled at me. I return his glare as he turns back to the ingredients on his desk. "Now, as I was saying, can anybody tell me what this might be." He holds up a vial from his desk. Inside sat a brown-grey powder. Granger's hand shoots up immediately and I roll my eyes before putting my own up. "Miss Volheim." Snape says, completely ignoring Grangers who scowls and lowers her hand, Weasley putting a sympathetic hand on her shoulder.

"Powdered root of Asphodel, Professor." I say. My boredom shows as I remember what I had learnt in my free period earlier today. "It's used in potions such as Draught of Living Death." Snape raises an eyebrow, probably expecting me to get it wrong due to my nap.

"Correct. You will be working in partners to complete the Potion fore-mentioned." I sigh. Luckily I had remembered from my last Potions lesson what we were doing. The class began to chatter excitedly, but Snape cut them off by saying, "They will be picked by me." Groans filled the air. He waved his wand and names started to appear on the board, pairing people off.

'Granger ~ Parkinson' 

Granger got another sympathetic pat on the shoulder and she grabbed her bag and grudgingly walked over to Pansy's desk.

'Longbottom ~ Greengrass'

That made me smile a little as I wondered how Longbottom could cope with Daphne.

'Potter ~ Zabini' 

I smirked as Potter slumped down in the seat next to Blaise. They didn't exactly get along, so it would be fun to see how it wou- I stop, mid-thought, and turn slightly paler than usual. The words

'Volheim ~ Malfoy'

managed to wipe the smirk from my face. I had managed to avoid him all day despite us sharing all of our lessons. I chew my lip as I pick up my bag and slowly walk over to Draco's table. He hadn't seen the board and was reading his Advanced Potions book, clearly expecting whoever he was paired with to come to him. Taking a deep breath, I slide into the seat next to him and lower my bag to the floor. I watch the last of the students sit in their seats, Gryffindors and Slytherins now mixed, and out of the corner of my eye I see Draco look up. He freezes in what seems like shock when he sees me, but I pretend I don't see, even when he turns slightly red.

He recovers in seconds and clears his throat to attract my attention. I look at him as Snape tells us all to start.

"Never thought I'd be working with you, Marissa." Draco scowls as he begins to set up the cauldron. I could tell he was referring to the seating arrangements as everyone in the class was paired with a member of the opposite house. Well, everyone apart from us. "Though you are a Gryffindor at heart." Another Slytherin to my right sniggers. Both my parents were in Gryffindor, in fact, the whole of my family were. I got looked down on a lot by fellow Slytherins because of it. I scowl at him and Draco.

"Shut your fat mouth, Draco. Just because your mother ran off with that male werewolf a few years back doesn't mean you have to take it out on me." I snap. Draco frowns at me. He hated that being mentioned, but I heard him tell Blaise that it didn't bother him that much anymore. After all, 'My father said my mother wasn't a true Pure-blood and didn't deserve the name 'Malfoy'.'

"That's none of your business. Anyway, you're the one to talk about fat. I swear the floor sinks everywhere you step."

"Like you're pleasant to look at, you little 'Daddy's boy'." I push out of my seat angrily to grab the ingredients, leaving behind a bright-red, scowling Draco.

On my way back, I see that Granger and Pansy were in some heated argument about the effect of the potion we were making. Granger was right, of course, but Pansy was like a mule;


While they are distracted, I take the chance to 'accidentally' knock in a stray ingredient into their bubbling potion. As I sit back next to a still fuming Draco, it begins to bubble and go bright red, making Granger and Pansy yelp in surprise. Everyone around them ducks as the potion explodes, covering both Pansy and Granger in red slime. Slytherins laugh while Gryffindors sit in shock as Snape blames Granger, ignoring her protests, for not keeping an eye on it. He sends them off to clean up, Pansy complaining about being covered in the colour of her enemy.

I smirk and look at Draco who just glared at me. My smirk fades. He seemed to have been more affected by my comment than I thought.

We go though the rest of the lesson in silence, Draco only occasionally scowling at me as I sliced the ingredient. I wanted to take back my comment from earlier, but I didn't know how. I wanted to tell Draco how I felt, but that was hard considering how we regularly sniped at each other. It's not like I could go ahead and say, 'Draco, I've really like you for a while now, but I was to scared to say in case you hexed me or something.' I roll my eyes at myself and return my thoughts to the Mandrake I was mixing into the potion, completely pushing Draco from my mind.


45 minutes later, we finally get dismissed, Draco grabbing his bag and rushing through the door, leaving me to tidy up. By the time I do, the last other student had just left. I mutter obscenities about Draco for leaving me with all the work as I leave. I decide to take a shortcut to the Slytherin dorm, as that was my last lesson, and walk down the empty hall.

My mind had just started drifting to the grey of Draco's eyes when, out of nowhere, a hand grabbed my upper arm and dragged me into an alcove. I was about to yelp when a pale hand clapped over my mouth. The person who grabbed me spins me around and slams me against the wall, making me drop my bag and groan as I feel a pain in my back and my vision goes funny. When my vision clears, my eyes widen at the sight of Draco scowling at me and removing his hand from my mouth.

"Draco?" I whisper after a few minutes of silence. He scowls at me again and my anger builds. Just before I start ranting, Draco's scowl disappears and is replaced with a sheepish expression.

"I wanted to apologize for what I said in Potions earlier." He mutters, not meeting me in the eyes. I freeze. Not once in the six years I had known him had I ever heard Draco Malfoy apologize.

"Draco, what...?" My anger had completely gone and was replaced with hope and slight confusion. Draco looked up and I saw a hint of shame in his eyes, something no one had ever seen in the face of a Malfoy.

"I- I didn't mean it-"


"-I just don't-"

"Draco!" He stops and I smile at his rambling. "It's fine. I didn't mean what I said earlier, either." As he took this in he smiled too. He opened his mouth to say something else, but then we heard heavy footsteps approaching. After a second, we realize we missed curfew and that Filch was coming our way. Draco pushes me further into the alcove as the footsteps get closer. Filch's voice carries as he calls for Mrs. Norris. My eyes widen as I realize Draco is hesitating whether or not to come into the alcove himself. I roll my eyes at his bravado and grab the front of his robes, yanking him into the alcove.

I hold my breath as I realize how small the alcove actually is. Draco seems to realize too and looks at me, mere centimeters between our faces. We stared into each other's eyes, me realizing that his eyes had flecks of misty-blue. Filch's footsteps faded, but we hardly noticed. Almost compulsively, Draco leaned in, closing the gap between us. My eyes flicker closed as he pressed his lips against my own. For a second, I hesitate, wondering if this was a well crafted prank, but then I press back and put my arms around his neck as he wraps his arms around my waist. I run my hands through his silky hair and he moves one of his hands behind my head, pulling me closer. After a few minutes of passionate kissing in each others warm embrace, he pulls away, softening the retreat with another quick kiss. I open my eyes and look into his. He smiles at me in a way that makes my heart flutter and I smile back. As if in silent agreement, he pulls me in for another kiss.

This time, I don't hesitate.


I hope you enjoyed! Please keep in mind that this is my first ever One-Shot. I'm hoping to improve over time and with some CC.

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Forest Fyre

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