unexpected (zayn mailk fanfic)

hi my name is Lucy Betts I'm seventeen, I live in Sydney with my father my mum died a year ago and I never thought I would get the perfect guy


1. Getting ready

hi my name is Lucy Betts I live in Australia, Sydney I was getting ready to go to the club with my friends Patricia

 Anjela, Mary, Fatima and my BFF Nour for my birthday.

I was in my room trying to pick out some sexy clothes, I went to my closest and grabbed a guns and roses shirt that hung over my shoulder and showed my belly button which was pierced, a pair of black jeans that wear ripped just at the knees, a pair of gold and black pair of high tops I ran straight to my bathroom which is connected to my bedroom and had a quick shower.

after my shower I got into my clothes and did my hair in a ponytail then curled the ends, I put on light makeup, I wasn't a fan of makeup.

I walked out my bedroom and checked my phone Nour sent me like three voice messages, I unlocked my phone to listen to the voice messages "heeeeeeeeey bae happy birthday hun i'm coming to get you at eight o'clock whooooooo" Nour yelled it was only seven so I decided to get on twitter for a bit.

hi guys its kirri here leave a comment if I should continue and this is my first story so tell me what you think of it and like pls NO HATE

thanks loves xxoxx 


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