unexpected (zayn mailk fanfic)

hi my name is Lucy Betts I'm seventeen, I live in Sydney with my father my mum died a year ago and I never thought I would get the perfect guy


2. Clubbing

after half an hour my Nour, Patricia, Anjela, Mary and Fatima showed up in Patricia Jeep "hey sexy get my message"Nour said as I got into the Jeep "haha yeah I did thanks guys you are the best" I said as Nour drove out of my street "ok were going to take you to the best club in town no buts about it" Mary said I just nodded.                                     

**skip car ride***

we arrived at this club it lighted up the whole street and you could hear the music just from around the corner it was loud and looked like it cost a lot of money.

"how much is this gonna cost" I said "it doesn't matter all that matters is that its your birthday so let loose" Fatima said "yeah I agree just let loose babe" Anjela agreed "fine" no matter how hard I try to get them to tell me how much it would cost they wouldn't tell so I didn't bother to fight.

we went to go and line up it was packed when packed I mean packed there was a lot of people and girls about my age in the most sluttiest clothes ever dresses that showed there underwear.

we were waiting in line for half an hour and we were finally inside it was loud the beats of the songs are running through my everything Nour dragged me out on the dance floor by the time we got to the middle of the dance floor guys were already flirting with us some tapped Nour ass and slapped him I laughed "i'm going to get a drink want to come" Nour tried yelling over the music I nodded and she dragged me out of the dance floor and straight to the bar,the music didn't seem so loud from there "ladies, so what you gals want?" the bartender asked "can we get two martini's" Nour said without even asking me I gave her a glare "its your BIRTHDAY let loose bae" she said with her puppy dog eyes "one and only one" I said very serous and keeping my word

I just sipped me drink and Nour well she drank all of hers in one go, " I am going back to the dance floor want to come" she asked I shook my head " ok I will check on you every minute ok" "ok go don't want to keep the boys waiting" I joked around and gave me a grin and left I sat there for awhile drinking my drink once it was empty I got up go to the bathroom but some clumsy guy spelt his glass of water by the look of it on me "OMG I am so sorry let me help you get cleaned up" he said grabbing my arm and leading me to a booth I sat there listen to the music that was playing it was stereo heart by gym class hero the guy came back with some napkins "thanks" "i am really sorry" "its ok it was an accident, i'm lucy by the way" I said holding hand out waiting for him to shake it "i'm Zayn" he said shaking my hand "wait do you that Zayn malik guy from that British boy band" I said abit curious cause Nour always talk about them ALOT!! when I said that he looked at his shoes and was smiling "yeah that's it, you a fan"

he asked "honestly I don't really know you guys, but my friend told me about you guys" I said a bit nervous of what he would think of my response" do you want to meet the guys Saturday night next week were doing a show come please" he asked with puppy eyes I gave in "fine only if my friends can come" " of course"


hi guys hope you guys like this chapter

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