This girl is Marie Styles the daughter of Harry and Paige Styles. What happens when she meets someone different? Will he bring out the different side of her?

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3. off to the mall

~at school~

Marie's p.o.v:

As I was walking to my locker I got taped on the shoulder. I was shocked until I seem it was Kayla. We both said our hi's and we hugged until we heard a whistle as we turned around we seen Ryan. Ryan is the schools jock, he always hits on me and call me babe, but I never told dad or any of my uncles, they would most likely be mad or something.

"Oh Kayla I forgot to tell you, uncle Liam will be picking us up from school" I say

"OMG he's picking us up!" She's says with the biggest smile on her face

"OMG why are you so excited!?" I say with a big smile also

"Ok I have to tell you something that I had on my chest for way too long homey" she's say as I look confused

"What" I questioned

"OK I LIKE PAYNO" she's says while lifting her hands up high

"OMG you like my uncle Liam!!!!" I say

"Are you mad at me?" she says while looking down

"No it's cool silly" I say

"Ok but promise me you won't tell anyone" she says

"I promise I'll only tell Liam" I said joking around

"Marie!!!!!" She says

"Calm down I was just joking, I won't tell anybody" I say

~After school~

So I get a text from uncle Liam that says:

L: "hey babe you and Kayla ready for i could pick you's up from school?"

M: " yeah we're walking out right now"

L: "ok babes see you's in a lil"

M: "kk"

So Kayla and I was walking out of school and she had the biggest smile on her face

"Hay you and Liam in the car together huh" I teased

"Oh shut up" she playfully hit my arm

~in the car~

"So babes how was school today?" Liam questioned

"Fine" Kayla said giggling and blushing while I'm hitting my head in the chair dying from laughter

"You ok Marie?" Liam said with a smirk

"Never better!" I said still laughing

~at home~

So I seen all of my uncles in the living room. I quickly say hi to all of them, and Kayla and I rushed to my room to text Jennifer and Spencer.

To Jennifer from Marie:

M: hey still up to go shopping today?

J: of course silly 😜

M: kk see you at 4:30?

J: perfect

To Spencer from Kayla:

K: hey still wanna go shopping today?

S: sure. What time?

K: 4:30

S: kk

So me and Kayla straighten our hair. I have brown and she has blond. I quickly did my make up I only put on some lipgloss and Mascara, I put on a crop top that says "fun" on it and some skinny jeans with rips on them.

So I went downstairs

"What do you think your wearing young lady" I hear dad say

"What" I say confused

"What? That top your wearing" he says

"What's wrong with it?"

"It shows that little circle on your belly"

"Dad you mean a belly button?"

"Well what ever it's called I want that top off of you"

"But dad"

"Don't but dad me, don't you guys agree with me?"

All the guys agreed but Niall he said:

"But I think she looks cute with it" he said then winked at me

"Niall!?!" Dad said yelling through his teeth

"Huh hum I mean yeah go take it off"

"Ughhh" I say while walking to my room

"What was all of that?" Kayla questioned

"Ugh just my dad"

Just then Niall knocked on my bedroom door

"Can I come in" he questioned

"Yeah sure" Kayla and I both said

"Hey just to make you feel better I'll drive you and your friends to the mall" Niall says

"Thanks, just let me change my top and I'm done" I say

So I put on my cute flowy white top that said "love" on it and the love was written in blue and black flowers

As Niall Kayla and I was walking out of the door my dad said

"Where are you taking my daughter?"

"I'm driving her and her friends to the mall, then I'll come back here, then when ever they get done they can always text me to pick them up"

"Ok" dad says

~in the car~

"Oh you have to pick up Jennifer and Spencer cause their going to the mall with us too" I say

"Ok sure" Niall says

~at the mall~

As he dropped us off he said:

"Ok girls just text me whenever your done for I could pick you's up"

"Kk" we all said

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