This girl is Marie Styles the daughter of Harry and Paige Styles. What happens when she meets someone different? Will he bring out the different side of her?

Copyright 2014. All rights reserve: HarryBananas and HoranGirl12348

Cover made by: HoranGirl12348


2. NO BOYS!!?!?!?

~in the car~

"Hey dad can I go shopping with my friends later on?" I asked while playing with my phone

"And who's exactly your friends" dad asked looking curious

"You know, kayla, Jennifer, Spencer (who's a girl) and that's it" I say while still playing my phone

"Sure sweetheart but remember no boys" dad says while looking at the road

"Why dad, why are you always like this to me?" I say while being annoyed

"Like what" dad says

"That's all you say, no boys no boys no boys" I say while being totally annoyed

"Cause I don't want no boy to hurt my little girl" dad says starting to get a tear in his eye

"Dad I'm not a little girl no more I believe I know what is wrong or right" i say while getting a little tear also

"Well here we are" dad says while looking at the school trying to switch the Conversation

"Oh I kinda forgot uncle Liam will be picking you and Kayla up from school I'm kinda busy" he says while parking

"Kk" I replied

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