This girl is Marie Styles the daughter of Harry and Paige Styles. What happens when she meets someone different? Will he bring out the different side of her?

Copyright 2014. All rights reserve: HarryBananas and HoranGirl12348

Cover made by: HoranGirl12348


1. meeting Marie Styles

Well my name is Marie Styles, yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what you guys are thinking I'm the daughter of Harry Styles! What a fun life I must have huh! but it's not what you think I have four over protective uncles and a dad which is more protective then my uncles. But at the end of the day I still love them.

"Darling" I hear my dad say from the kitchen

"Yes dad" I say back

"Breakfast is ready" he says by putting my plate in front of me

While I stuffed my mouth with Bacon like theirs no tomorrow my dad gave me a weird look while smirking

"Wow Baby girl you really do remind me of your uncle Niall sometimes" he says with a smirk

"Dad why ain't mom here for breakfast" I say cause I don't see mom

"Mom is not going to be home for a couple of days" he says while eating his eggs

"Why" I say confused

"She had to go to her modelling agent" he says

"Is the boys coming over later" I questioned

"What boy?!?!" He said with a concerned/mad face

"OMG daddy my uncles!!" I said with discuss

"Sorry princes I just got scared" he says with a sorry look

"O dad I'm a 13 year old I got better things to think about then boys" I said with a smirk cause I really do like boys

"Well finish eating honey cause I have to take you to school" he says while putting his plate in the sink

"I'm done anyways" I say while getting my backpack

A/N: ok guys thanks for reading we're not done as you could see but we do wanna know what you guys think of it so far in the comments

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