All's Fair // c.h

You know what they say: all's fair in love and war


"My name's Georgia-"


"No, fuck off."

In which a boy pisses off the new girl with One Direction songs and it turns into a game of "who can piss off the other even more?" but they somehow fall for each other anyway.


2. Chapter One

Georgia's Point Of View


Okay, just smile. Then people will smile back. I opened the door to my new High School, Lakeside High. I looked at the piece of paper I had in my hand and tried to locate the head office so that I could get all the information I need. 


"You look like you could use some help." Some blonde boy said walking next to me. 


"Yes, I do. Thank you so much. Can you get me to the head office?"


"Sure. Wait, are you the new American girl?" This guy replied. I nodded and he gave me smile. 


We walked through the school, asking each other questions until we reached a door. "Here it is. I'm Luke by the way." He exclaimed and stuck out his hand. 


I shook it gladly and replied, "Thanks so much Luke. I'm Georgia." He smiled to himself and said, "See you around Georgia." Then walked away.


I pushed open the door and went up the desk. "I'm Georgia Winters the new student here." 


"Ah yes, here is your schedule and your locker combination. Have a good day." I smiled before walking back out of the office. 


After a long time of looking I find my locker and put all the books in that I don't need for the day. I have math first in room 5B. I look at the map and see that it is on the other side of the school. Great, I'm gonna be late to class on the first day. 


I walk into the class just as the bell rings and I see that the only seat left is at the back next to a guy with tattoos. 


I take a seat and he looks over at me. "The names Calum."  

"My name's Georgia-"




"No, fuck off."


​Sorry it's short but what do you guys think so far?


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