The Journey to Wonderland.


1. *The Beginning of Summer*

As the bell rings, a wave of delight rushes over me. Everyone jumps up and yells "Summer!" as they all rush out the door. "Amanda!!! Come on we gotta go!!" , my best friend Megan yells from the hall. "I'm coming! I'm coming!" I yell back a feeling of rush running over me. I grab my bags and run out the classroom to soon trip on myself (it takes skill to trip on flat surfaces). I drop everything and is flat on my face...and no...the floor did NOT taste good. My friend Jacob (the mischevius, funny, and chill kind of guy) bends down and helps me up "And you're sure you're not accident prone?", he asks with a grin on his face (knowing him for three years... I know what this means). "No!! Now help me!", gosh he can be annoying sometimes. He helps me up with a 'nice' jerk and as I'm getting my books, Megan pulls me and starts to run to my locker. "Hold it! Hold it! Hold it!", I say while 'trying' not to trip on my face...AGAIN. She jerks me to my locker and says "Come on come on!!! We gotta go!!!" "No. YOU gotta go", I say (thinking she meant going to the bathroom). "Not that!! I want to show all of us something!!!". I don't really know what she means...but when Megan is excited about's important.

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