The Journey to Wonderland.


3. *LOL...Wait What?*

As we sit in the car. She zooms off of the road and into the forest. "WHAT THE HECK! ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL US!!!!" I scream with terror in my green eyes. Jacob and Megan laugh as she says "No. Why would I want to kill the friends that are so close to me that we could be siblings? Stuuuppiid!". We all laugh and she jerks with a stop. "Ow. Did you screw your drive test guy to get a drivers liscense?" Jacob says as we all laugh. "No! Mine was a girl!" Megan says laughing. "Oh! So you're a les! Amanda, you should watch out for this girl here." Jacob says as we all bust into laughter. "Okay. Serious now." Megan says as she takes out a book... Alice in Wonderland?

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