The Journey to Wonderland.


4. *Forest...Trees...Heads!?!*

"Alice in Wonderland? Serious?! We are too old for this Megan." I say.

"No wait! There is something to this story that isn't quite right. There have been sightings of rabbits and people disappearing!" Megan says with her blue eyes looking at me.

I guess I should just tag along to her little story...

"Okay, so what are we suppose to do?" Jacob asks with a 'I'm interested' look....ya...good job Jacob.

"We need to go North and when we get to the big tree...we jump...down the hole and sees what's gonna happen next." Megan says with confidence in her voice.

Great...we are gonna die because a stupid rumor. I start to think about the things in gonna miss in life.

"Okay well let's go." Jacob says. I space out while still thinking about life...till I'm pulled out into the real world by Jacob "You comin'?" He asks with a 'you are not leaving me alone with this fantasy girl" look. "Oh um...ya." I say as I get out of the car. My stomach starts to spread butterflies.


We finally meet the big tree. Well...Jacob does...with his face. "Ow" he says as he steps back "that hurt a lil." Ya are doing great looking cool.

We all look up to see the gigantic tree. I'm pretty amazed already that it evens exists!!!

"This is it! It's really here!!" Megan says while jumping up and down...serious...and you're 17?

"So who wants to go first" she asks knowing that there is gonna be silence. "Fine...I'll go. Thanks Jacob" she says looking toward Jacob with a 'really?' face. Poor Jacob. I follow after her praying that I don't die and Jacob trails behind me.

As we are falling, I see a flash of light...maybe this is a different story? We then see porcelain dolls, weeping angels, weird creepy things, and...oh that...a head?!?

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