The Journey to Wonderland.


2. *Awkward*

By the time we get to Megan's place it is 6pm. She took the long she trying to kill us?? "I will be right back. Stay there." Megan says as she parks the car and runs into the house. Thanks a lot Megan...leaving me here alone with Jacob...Jacob. "Soo." I say trying not to sound awkward. It's hard trying to talk to a guy when you're alone no matter how long you've known him. "Soo." He says as he reaches for my brown hair. His tan skin touching my hair and his dark blue eyes glancing at me from time to time. "Wow...this is awkward." I say with butterflies in my stomach...why? I don't like Jacob like that...right? "Sorry" he says and put his hand down and looks down. After a few more awkward minutes, Megan finally comes out. She rushes to get in. "Okay *pant *pant. Let's go" she says as she zooms off.

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