The Crying Girl

Lauren is just a normal teenage girl, but ya know she likes boys with oddly coloured hair and accents. I mean she also makes dirty jokes and thinks she's cool... So I guess if you wanna get to know her more read this..0.o


2. Chapter 1

This is a double chapter kinda bcz I'm too lazy to split it up. 

This chapter is dedicated to my boo Anisha! I love you so much hopefully we can put a smile back on your face I hate seeing you sad <3 luv chu


(Lauren POV)

I don't know what it was but there was something different about this boy, maybe it was the oddly coloured hair, or his cheery attitude, or maybe his last name that reminded me of a red dog, or maybe it was the way he looked at me. But I knew he was special. But I guess I should explain where this infatuation started and then go on. 

-I walked through the hall of the ugly highschool I waved to some people on the way to my locker where a boy caught my attention, ya know being a teenage girl I'm always checking out boys, but anyway he wasn't my "type" or so I thought. He made eye contact with me and smiled, I smiled back and quickly turned away feeling my cheeks turn a light shade of red. I grabbed my books and I felt a tap on my shoulder as I was closing my dark red locker.

"Hey Lauren!!" Anisha said cheerfully
Me and Anisha have been friends for years now and we always meet up before class to gossip and talk girl stuff.

"Hey! I love your outfit!" I smiled at the beautiful girl I was jealous of

"Oh please!" She laughed

"Do you know who that boy is? I haven't seen him around." I asked as I leaned against the lockers and pointed to the red haired boy

"I don't know him but I know him and 3 of his friends just transferred here." She smiled looking at a darker hair boy that was standing next to the boy I spoke of

"Oh interesting, I'm gonna go say hi to the yummy one!!" I said nonchalantly. I confidently started to walk across the hall when someone bumped into me 

"Watch where you are going bitch!" A snobby blonde toothpick cheerleader said to me

"Sorry you are too blind to see anything but your ugly self!" I quickly ended the conversation and kept on my way towards these new boys I realized the 2 other ones one with a quiff and lip piercing, the other had curly locks and dimples that reminded me of the moon. Once I arrived to them I flashed a smile 
"Hi! I'm Lauren! I haven't seen you guys around."

"Yeah we are new here" the one with the curls said with an Australian accent that was pretty thick, probably like his tootsie-roll

"Oh where from?" I said still smiling at the boys

"Australia." The dark haired one said

"Wow why are you here?" I said but then rephrased it because it sounded awful " I mean why this school out of everywhere else?" 
The boys seemed bored but still answered 

"Because why not?" Said the one with the huge quiff on his head.

I felt a presence to the left of me and I guess the boys did too as they looked to their right I looked too and Anisha was there she smiled at them

"This is Anisha!" I quickly informed them

"Nice to meet you girls you guys seem lovely!" The one with the oddly dyed hair finally spoke "I'm Michael" he smiled

"Calum!" Said the dark haired one

"Ashton." Said curly

"I'm Luke!" Said quiffymcgee

The bell rang and we said bye everyone but I and Calum walked Seperate ways.

"What class do you have?" I asked him

"English." He said trying to catch up to my fast walking speed

"Same." I smiled back at him
He seemed nice once we got to the class I sat at a desk near the back and I patted the desk next to me so he would sit there and he did 

"This class sucks." I warned the Asian looking boy 

"Oh." He said shyly. I wondered why he would be shy, but then the class started.

After class ended we went our separate ways  I promised him me and Anisha would sit by him and the other boys at lunch. So once lunch time rolled around I met up with Anisha and we got our trays of plasticy good that was supposed to be chicken and found the boys who we're laughing when we got there I sat on the end next to Luke with the red haired boy across from me and Anisha inbetween him and Calum

"I'm not eating this shit." I said looking down at the brown shiny stuff that smelled like feet and I pushed it away from me enough to rest my elbows on the table the boys just smiled at my remark and I drank my orange Fanta while they chatted 

"So why did you come up to us in the morning?" Michael asked

"Oh I like socializing...." I looked down "with hot people." Then looked back up in surprise

"Was that a compliment?" Calum laughed

"I think it was!" Ashton nodded affirmatively 

"Well, I guess. But then again I find most people hot so... Like I try to put people on fire so they are extra hot." I smiled 

"What?" Luke said

"I mean they don't really appreciate it, so now I lour them to my house and I burn them with my hair curler." I giggled trying to be as creepy as I possibly could, I like to scare people before showing them who I really am

They all looked at me with wide eyes probably questioning what is wrong with me I just smiled in amusement 

"She's kidding." Anisha finally said 

"Oh, I'm relieved" Calum said as the others slowly smiled

"Sorry, I have no filter, what goes through my mind comes out my mouth." I looked down trying to keep in how sexy I thought Michael was but I couldn't stay quiet forever
"Damn it!" I almost shouted 

"What?" Anisha laughed at my random outburst

"I have a confession." I acted sad as if it was a horrible crime or something

"Oh let me guess you murdered someone?!" Michael said leaving me with a smile on my face

"Nope, you did. You murdered my feelings. You sexy beast." I spoke clearly making sure he understood that I wasn't joking.

"Oh." He said and then laughed but stopped when he realized I was serious 

"Sorry my flirting game isn't as on point as your body." I said blinking rapidly wishing I would have filtered that

"Well damn!" Ashton said with a huge grin on his face making those huge dimples appear making my mind believe he had been shot there in a past life or something 

After school that day Michael and I flirted back and forth a lot and me and Anisha became good friends with the boys and when my friend Jasmine came on the third week of school she became good friends with them also. Jasmine and Anisha often fought about Calum, which I didn't understand I didn't find him that attractive but they did. And then we had fall break. I threw a party and I only invited my close friends so the boys and the girls we ended up playing truth or dare... And I was dared to play 7 minutes in hell (bcz heaven is too mainstream) with Michael... I mean I guess it went well if making out and groping and crotch grabbing is well. Yeah, and for some reason it wasn't awkward like it was kinda hot, and we have hung out everyday since then. And then when we went back to school after a week off and Calum showed up to school hand-in-hand with Anisha that Monday. I knew they where doing the dirty. Okay I was guessing but I mean... Anyways and then Ashton skipped that week for unknown reasons. And then here we are now.

As I lay in bed I realized I was feeling really anxious because in the morning I'll be 16. I quickly dozed off not wanting to think much about it. I woke up to a room full of people and noises. All my friends where there and my family. I opened my eyes and was scared. Because screaming people at 7 AM is not an okay thing!! 

"No!!" I groaned rolling over and putting a pillow over my head. Trying to go back to sleep until I felt that everyone was gone and then I felt a hand on my back. It was a familiar hand, it was warm. I smiled under the pillow. 

"Happy birthday beautiful!" He whispered I rolled over and sat up.

"Thank you." I blushed slightly

"Oh you should probably get ready, sorry for wasting your time!" He got up but I grabbed his pant pocket and pulled him back down and gave him a kiss. 

"No stay." I smiled his cheeks turning red 

"Uh. Okay." He said trying to distract himself with his hair

I got dressed and put on alittle makeup not much because I don't have to hide my ugly everyone already knows I am. Michael couldn't help but stare once my jeans where on. I just smiled and put on my shirt.
We walked down to the living room where everyone was I waved 

"Sorry for my crappy attitude, thank you all!!" I said trying not to curse seeing as my little brother and sister were in the room.

We all then left for a day at the mall just some friends hangin out shopping and eating greasy food.

I forced everyone to go in Spencer's because I wanted to look at glittery dildos and other weird nasty shit

I pointed to the prettiest dildo I could find "I want that!! Just like Jasmine and Anisha want Calums dick! I want that plastic one!!" Everyone laughed and said that I was disgusting 

" well I can't get any dick so...." I said walking away from the wall of sex toys and looking at the horrible shirts.

"You can have mine, only because it's you're birthday though." Calum smirked making me uncomfortable 

"No! Ew you have a snake dick!! Noooo!!!" I said recalling when his nudes got leaked to the entire school last week

He frowned " I understand not all girls can handle this sausage." He shook his head

"Oh my god!" I shrieked looking behind him and seeing a Jesus shirt next to a weed shirt and fell on the floor laughing because JC was getting burnt. They made us leave because they said we where immature but I didn't see how.

"Your ass looks really nice in those jeans." Luke said smiling I thanked him because I'll take any compliment I can get 

"Yeah it does!" Michael said agreeingly and then slapped my butt making me jump a bit because like that us just so wrong. I mean I lived it but we are in public ya know. He knows what like tho. 

"I'm a kink on a link 
A freak in the sheet
A scream in the scene
All the boys want this
I can't help but flaunt this
Damn girl you lookin fine
Is all I ever hear
And I just think about yo lolly
And poppin mollies!" I sang through the mall 

"No stop that's horrible!" Jasmine said almost in tears from laughing at my on the spot song

" I liked it!" Ashton said 

"I liked it too. Imma hit that!"  Said some random boy with ash brown long hair that was walking by us

I winked at him "thanks sweety!" I smiled 

"Ew he's ugly." Anisha said 

"I know!" I said in agreement I then looked at Michael who had a grin on his face, I don't know why but he did.
We ended up in the food court which was full of hot boys and I was so taunted. I mean I'm not really with Michael so I guess I shouldn't be.

"Yummy." I said checking out a boy that looked scene and had long hair

"What?" Luke asked confused

"Uhm just that kid." I said turning the other way 

"Oh are you gonna go set him on fire?" He laughed 

"No... But that reminds me!" I smiled remembering a pick up line "hey guys!" I said getting everybody's attention. "Okay so I'm gonna test a pick up line on y'all." I looked down trying not to laugh. "Baby, I'm like a firefighter." I looked up to see them waiting for me to finish " I find em hot, and leave em wet." 

"What the hell?!" Ashton said laughing at how horrible it was 

"Wait I have one more!!" I said making them regain attention " around you I'm like a complex word, long and hard." I laughed but then quickly became uncomfortable when I looked up and saw Calum, only to remind myself of his boomerang dick 

"Lauren." Anisha face palmed "this is why you are single." She then shook her head

"Not for long." Michael whispered while walking past me

"Oh yeah guys by the way I'm a gay transman, so like I'm a boy but I like boys but I'm a girl." I said while I still had most of there attention 

"Wait what?!" Michael turned around fast as hell

"Yeah. But I guess if I had a boyfriend he'd be straight since I have a vagina." I feel like I just have so many surprises

"Okay I was scared!" Michael said relieved. But everyone was still very confused with my thinking

"So how bout pizza?" Ashton butted in on the awkward moment everyone just kinda nodded and walked towards the pizza place 

After we all got our pizza we sat down and began eating when some cop came and grabbed my pizza. Ain't NOBODY take a girls pizza while it's her birthday I quickly got up and chased after the woman 

"Can I have my food back?! I payed for that.." I grabbed the ladies arm

"Oh I'm sorry the table appeared empty I thought it was trash, here come on let's put this stuff in the trash." She grabbed onto my arm and led me to the trash and then tried to put me in 

"Bitch get off me!" I screamed and shoved her away and ran back to the table 

"I just assaulted a police officer." I announced to my friends who seemed worried

"Well where is your pizza?" Ashton said seeming the most worried

"In the fucking trash along with my dignity and pride." I stated my sadness

"Here you can have mine." Michael handed me his extra piece with a faint smile resting against his face
My stomach suddenly filled with little flying things and me cheeks started to redden I looked down in embarrassment 

After we got done at the mall I invited Michael to hangout with me at my house to like hangout and watch illegal movies. When we arrived to my house there was a note on the table 

'hey! Didn't get to tell you Happy Birthday earlier. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY UGLY BITCH! Hope you have a great one there is a ice-cream cake in the fridge for you to eat.

            Luv, the cutest biatch yo ass knowz... (Kate)'

"Well I'm feeling the love" I said then put the note back down as Michael smiled at it 

"That's very cute." Michael then laughed

"I suppose." I said then went to the freezer and grabbed out the cake that read 'don't eat this all at once' 
God my family is weird, oh yeah Kate is my creepy cousin.

"So let's eat this all at once aye?" I looked up at Michael he responded with a nod and a giggle

As we ate the cake we say on my bed and I put my legs across his and we watched old movies The Virgin Suicides was my favorite. After 4 movies we ended up watching cute cat videos.

"Hey it's getting pretty late." Michael said showing me his phone which said it was almost 10 at night "I should probably get going"

"Yeah, I'll walk you to the door." We got up and headed to the door I stepped out with him into the crisp dark night that was only lite by some orange street lights and only tree shadows were to be seen other than the small houses on the other street. 

"Hey, I had fun today. I hope we can do this again sometime." He smiled at me and I couldn't help but smile back at the red haired boy in front of me

"Yeah me too, I had a fantastic birthday. Thanks for coming and shtuff." I hugged him he hugged back and I could tell he didn't want to let go and neither did I, I just listened to his heartbeat and the crickets chirping in the background. We finally released each other from the warmth and safety of each others arms, he kissed me on the forehead and we finished our goodbyes

I laid in bed thinking about the whole day and what I shouldn't and should've done. I finally drifted off at around 2 am. 

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