My Boy,Hayes


1. I Missed You...

"Big Bro I Missed You" I Missed You You Too Sis" Said Nash I Look Down Sad "Nicole What's Wrong"Asked Nash "I Miss Hayes" I say "He misses you To" He Replied. When He Said that My Heart Filled With Joy. We Got Off The Plane And Nash said "Close Your Eyes"I Ask"why" "Just Do It" Nash Said "Fine". I Say Few Moments Later I Feel Me Get Warm I Look Up And I see Hayes "HAYES" I scream "Hey Babe I Missed You So Much" He Said He Kisses Me It Felt So Right I Felt Better I Wrapped My Arms Around His Neck And he Pulled Me Closer "Hey You Two Were In puplic" Says Matt "sorry" I say And I Hug Every One Next ThingI Know We're At Home "Lets Go To Bed You Look Tired"Said Hayes "Yeah I'm So.." I Say. HAYES POLT

I Looked Down And Shed asleep She's So Cute Asleep I Pick Her Up And Carry Her Upstairs I lay here Down "Hayes?" she Said "Yes my love" I Say "Please Come Sleep By Me"She Says "I'm Coming Just I'm Changing"I Say I Throw Here A Te-shirt She Gets Up And Changes And gets Under The Blanket I Lay Next To Here And kiss Her Goodnight Then Were Both Alsleep Next Morning(Nicole's Plot)

"Hi" Said Hayes "You Were Watching Me" I Ask "Yes Cause Your Just So Pretty Sleeping"He Said I Slap Him "You bitch" I say joking "OW" He Says Fake Crying "Sorry Babe" I said And kiss him he pulls me on his lap And Then Nash Walks in "AWWW how cute" says Nash me and Hayes throws a pillow at Nash and he leaves we Laugh And Go Down Stairs "What's up With You Too" Ask Cam "I'm happy To be With You Guys" I Say "Same Gose To You" Said Carter Next Thing We Know One Direction Walks In "Hey Mates" Said Niall "Hi" I Say "I'm Tired" Me And Hayes Say We Go Sit On the Couch And I Lay On Hayes He Start Playing With My I'm Almost Asleep And Then I see Niall Push Hayes Off The And Causing Hayes Head To Bleed I Get Up "WHAT THE FUCK"I scream "NIALL"I Say Crying I Run To Nash and Cry To Him One Direction Leaves I Run To Hayes And Kiss Him I Say "it We'll Be Ok" We Take Him To The Hospital It Been A Week Sense I've Seen Hayes The Nightmares Came Back I Walk To Nash And Say "I Need My Hayes" We go To The Hospital I Ask The Lady for Hayes She Said "4029" I Say "Thanks" I Run To The Room I See Hayes I Hug Him He Shoves Me "Hayes!?!" I Say "Wwwhoooo Areeee Youuu" He Says Scared I Screwm For Nash he Runs In "Yes" he Said I Turn around crying "Heee Dosenttt Reamberrrr Ussss" I Say Crying "What!?!" Said Nash I ran to the doc and said "please tell what's the matter with hayes" the doc says "he's fine he just forgot some stuff but if u talk to him about stuff he well start to Reamber" I ran to hayes and said "I'm Nicole your gf this is nash your brother and Carter and Matt and Brent are your friends

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