6. Chapter 6

"Sure!" I said into the phone.

I was afraid he was going to ask me on a date. But I mean, we only met yesterday. Things would be moving WAY too fast. Also I think I'm still stuck in that fangirl faze around them. I would probably end up licking Michaels hair while he was sleeping or something.

"I have an extra 2 tickets for the concert tomorrow. You didn't get to see much of it yesterday and I was wondering if you wanted to go?"

I put the phone on mute and walked into the kitchen with the crutches, grabbed some water then sat back down next to Courtney. I took one huge swig of it and...




Que spit take.

"What the-?" Courtney started but I cut her off.


I got up from where we were sitting and started dancing crazily. Until I realized my foot and fell on my face. I heard laughing and looked up at my best friend who was now on the ground rolling. After 5 minutes she helped me up and I got my phone.

"We would love to!! Sorry I responded late... I uh had to use the restroom..." I stuttered a little out into the phone.

Smooth Scar smooooooooth.

"It ok." I heard him laugh, "How about I pick you guys up around 6 tomorrow. We have a break after sound check." He asked. I said that was perfect and we said our goodbyes. I hung up they phone and laid my head back smiling up towards the ceiling. I know my dad is happy for me and smiling.

I combed my hand through my hair and looked over at Courtney who was now looking at some weird cat lady twerk. We both erupted in laughter. CourtCake got up and started to try and twerk. Her wavy blonde hair was flying everywhere and I got up using the couch to help me. I joined her and we both looked like fools.

"You suck Scar!!" She teased me.

"I'm half Irish! I can't twerk!" I yelled at her. It was getting late and Courtney was leaving soon. We ended up watching a movie and then I fell asleep on the couch. Today was great...


-Next Morning-

I woke up to see I was lying on the floor. My face shoved in our white carpet and I got up quickly. My hair was messed up and I looked up at the clock. It was 2:00 in the afternoon. I REPEAT 2:00 PM. I started freaking out realizing Courtney would be over any minute. I limp/ran to the shower and hopped in. I shaved my legs and washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner. Wrapping the towel around my waist and getting out I realized my house was freezing. I cuddled the towel. What to wear...

After 30 minutes of torture and debating I chose an outfit casual and edgy. It was a tank top that looked exactly like Lukes 'You Complete Me' tank top. I had my black vans on and some skinny jeans. I curled the ends of my brown hair and winged my eyeliner. Lastly I just decided to add a bandana, one kinda like Ashton's and the outfit was complete. (If your wondering, the cast is only on her heal and it's kinda small... So she can wear shoes on both feet lol)

The doorbell rang signaling Courtney was here. I ran down the hall and swung open the door to find it wasn't Courtney, but Ashton and Michael.

"Hey Scar." Michael said giving me a hug. He smelled so good. I hugged back and he smiled.

"Hey Michael!" I smiled shyly and looked at him.

"Scarlett! Is it bad you look like a girl version of me?" Ashton asked and they both starred at me for a second till they erupted into laughter. This wasn't funny! It took me an hour to plan it. I suddenly joined in the laughter after Ash. It's so contagious.

"Hey it took me 1 hour to pick this out." I told them in a fake pouting voice.

"You look beautiful Scarlett." Ashton said and smiled at me. Michael was still laughing when all of a sudden I heard,

"WHO IS READY TO PARTY WITH THE SEXIEST GUYS ALIVE! I AM! THEIR NAMES ARE ASHTON! MICHAEL! LUKE! CALUMMMM!!" Courtney yelled and ran in pretending to do the air guitar.

It was silent for about 10 seconds before everyone bursted into laughter again. She looked around and her face went as red as a tomato. She looked extremely pretty tonight. With an outfit like mine but she wore a beanie on top and her dirty blonde hair, she looked perfect.

"You guys got here early didn't you?" She whispered and Michael gave her a hug. After we sat at my place for 20 minutes, we headed out since the concert started in an hour and 45 minutes. The question is was wondering was how did Ash know my address when I never texted it to him?

"YOU DONT KNOW OH OH YOU DONT KNOW YOUR BEAUTIFUL!" Ash and Michael yelled as loud as they could. I looked over at Courtney who was still not over the hug Michael gave her and she seemed to be in a daze, looking closely at him.

"SCARLETT AND COURTNEY SCREAM FOR AN ENCORE!!" They both said and I just looked in the rearview mirror already realizing Ash was looking at me. I shook my head and we both started screaming their names.

After 30 minutes of their screaming and yelling we finally reached the building where the concert was being held. We all got out and could hear the girls already screaming the guys names. Michael, Courtney, Ash and I walked backstage and into their dressing room. Well me and Courtney had to wait outside on the couches that were placed for the crew and management. Soon Calum came up and stole my bandana off my head.

"Calum nooo." I told him and he put it right on his head. Soon though it was taken off his head and onto a familiar brown/blondish haired boy.

"You're so mean!" I yelled up and squealed when I felt someone hands grip my sides.

"Really? Cause I thought I was a sex god according to your twitter!" He said as he smirked at me. My cheeks lit up like a flame. He's been stalking my twitter?

"Well I'm making a new twitter later anyway!" I said and smirked as I looked at him. Those adorable eyes.

That's when I realized we were wearing the exact same outfit.

"Luke let me borrow his shirt for today show. We're twinning now!" He told me and put my bandana back on my head.mI laughed and shook my head.

"Scarlett, Courtney hey!" Luke waved and smiled as he flopped onto the couch.

We told some jokes, Courtney's obviously being the cheesiest. I think she gets it from Michael...

"10 minutes till the show starts." One of the stage crew yelled.

"Here are your tickets, just give them to the person in the front and they will take you to where you need to go!" Ashton said handing us both our tickets.

"Thanks! You guys are going to be amazing." Courtney said before we started to walk off.

"Obviously because we are the sexiest men alive." I heard Michael say before we were officially out of the backstage area. We headed to the main entrance and walked up to someone who worked here.

"Excuse me, where are these seats at?" I asked handing her our tickets. She smiled and started walking to an area right in front of the stage.

"You girls are lucky. Got the best seats in the house." The lady said before smiling and walking off. She was right. We were right in front of the stage. We sat down and our inner fangirls were screaming. The lights went dark and the screams erupted through the crowd.

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